Life Lately

March has been so wonderful! Spring has slowly sprung this year, making it that much sweeter. The girls are seeming to grow so fast lately, and I’m afraid to blink! I’m looking forward to the coming months and summer, but I’m remembering to savor each day that I will never get back!

|Lots of crafts and learning happening at our house with Nora. I don’t do any formal “preschool” with her because I personally don’t believe kids need that this young, but I am being more intentional about doing some teaching with her! She is a sponge and soaks up everything she hears! If you see her, ask her what makes stems and leafs green!

|These two are the best of friends. Ivy loves to rough house and Nora doesn’t know how to be gentle. So there are lots of “wrestling” matches around here lately!

|I completed a ton of house projects. I have a few more things I want to do, but I’m giving our bank account a little break. 😉

| I made some pumpkin muffins the other day. I tweaked the recipe a bit and halved it since it was new. About three days after I made these, I made them again and DID NOT half the recipe! I will share soon. Best ever!

| I am still so in love with the chalk wall! So much fun is had right in this spot! It’s messt as can be, but oh so worth it!

| Our little church is thriving and just full of life lately! We love that God has placed us here. One of my favorite things in walked to church with my girls!

| We read so many books in this house. Reading just changes a kid. We have so many books of our own, and we go to the library once a week and check out ten new books to read! Nothing better than a gal (or two) on my lap and good book!

| I took this picture and wrote how much I love Ivy’s three-toothed smile. Literally a week later we found three more teeth that had just popped through! So now she has a six-toothed smile!

| Spring is really here, and despite the rainy days here and there we have been getting outside enjoying the sunshine!

| Told ya those muffins were good!

| We broke the TV out for March Madness and had to take advantage and do a movie night with the girls! They loved it! I like that TV and movies can be special treats because we do them so rarely!

| She’s one. I still can’t believe it. I love her so!


Saturday Morning

I love our Saturday mornings.

We sleep in a bit, enjoy a slow breakfast, stay in our jammies longer than usual, and enjoy sweet time as just us. They are simply the best days.

In many ways Saturdays aren’t that different for me and the girls, but I love that we get to add daddy into our daily routine!

The girls are little barnacles to Collin most of the day because they love the long uninterrupted time with him. Especially Nora, she asks him to play with her no less than a million times on Saturdays.

We all seem a little happier when we are all together.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Satuday, we love you.


Ivy Corinne |Twelve Months

Wowza! A whole year. I cannot believe we are here, but I’m also so excited! I love that first year of life and I am sad the “baby” phase is over. I also am excited because I love ages 12-18 months so much! I cannot wait to see my baby girl grow!



Weight | *Will update after doctors apt.
Height | *Will update after doctors apt.
Diapers | Size 3
Clothes | 12 months – 18 months


W H A T ‘S N E W


| Walking everywhere. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw her crawl. She is starting to “run” too which is really cute!
| She’s a climber! She is always trying to climb things. Luckily she has only been successful with small things!
| Ivy’s motor skills, here are all the ones she can do now: clapping, click her tongue, smack her lips, blow kisses, wave, stomp feet, dance (aka bounce), turn book pages and “read”.
| Girlfriend now has 6 teeth, and loves to use ‘em…
| Went to a park to actually play for the first time and she loved it! She is definitely an observer and gets a little overwhelmed by a lot of people. She did love all the new things to play with though!
Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.13.32 PM

LOVES any and all of Nora’s toys.
LOVES being chased around the house. Bonus if you say, “I’m gonna getchu” over and over.
LOVES being held while you jump and she tried to touch the ceiling fan pull.
LOVES walking on the couch or beds.

HATES having things taken away from her.
HATES not getting held when she wants held.


Ivy is the best eater! I literally cannot think of anything she doesn’t like. She eats it all! She must be growing too because her appetite has really increased here lately. It also may be due to the fact that we stopped formula this past week. She is now just drinking whole milk and eating table food!

Some of Ivy’s favorite foods include; blueberries, black beans, broccoli, sausage, eggs, pumpkin muffins, graham crackers, blackberries, bananas and who am I kidding? She likes it all!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.14.36 PM

Daylight savings proved to be the best thing ever for our Ivy girl! Since the time change Ivy has been sleeping in until 7:00-7:30am! Best gift ever!

Here is her rough schedule.

|Wakes up at 7:00-7:30 ready to go!

| Morning nap around 9:00-9:30 which usually lasts an 1-1.5 hours

| Afternoon nap around 1pm which usually lasts about 2 hours

| In bed and asleep by 7:00pm every night.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.14.23 PM

Ivy Corinne,

You have been the biggest blessing to our little family this past year. It’s hard for me to imagine that you were not in it until that special day one year ago. You make us a more complete family and we love learning all about you! You are reserved, inquisitive, sweet, and feisty. We cannot picture life without you now. We love you more than you’ll ever know Ivy Girl!

Month Twelve Photos

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.14.10 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.13.48 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.30.17 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.30.33 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.30.47 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.31.01 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.31.14 PM


Look How You’ve Grown

~11 Months to 12 Months~


An Afternoon at the Park

One day last week it was the absolute perfect weather for the park! So we packed a picnic lunch and headed to our favorite park!

63 degrees and perfect sunshine. The perfect spring day!

Here are some moments from our trip. The only thing that could have made it better is if a school bus full of kindergartners hadn’t been there too. 😮


A Friday Morning

I’m working on approaching this space a little differently.

I simply don’t have the time (or honestly the inspiration or desire) to write long posts right now in life. My favorite thing about blogging is capturing seasons of life that our little family is in.

I also shelled out some major cash to buy a nice camera when Nora was born, and I don’t use it nearly enough.

So after a little epiphany (one of Nora’s favorite words) the other day I decided to use my camera more to capture everyday life. I will put the photos in simple posts that take very little time.

I just want to have snapshots of the little moments to look at down the line.

Like this simple Friday morning…


#hiswordeveryday | Prayer + Journals + Books

Here is a compiled list of all the journals and books I shared over the last two weeks for #hiswordeveryday.

I have also added a few other journals I found online. Hopefully, this list gives you lots of ideas and options to strengthen your prayer life!


Prayer Journals


|Val Marie Prayer Journal|

These are the journals I shared in my stories. They have monthly sections that break down your prayers by category. A great resource to help guide your prayer each time you come to talk with God.

|The Prayer Map for Women|

This prayer journal is exactly what it sounds like. Each section helps you map our your prayers, offering different areas of prayer. It is so cute inside and adds a lot of detail and specifics to your time praying.


| 100 Day Prayer Journal|

This beautiful prayer journal contains 100 days worth of pages to take notes and record your prayers. It is incredibly simple which leaves open may options for how to use it. A great way to jot down your prayers and guide your prayertime!



Bible Journals


| Give Me Jesus Journal |

This is my favorite resource for journaling while reading through the Bible. It guides you through studying God’s word and helps you to dig deeper. It’s also incredibly beautiful!


| Illuminated Scripture Journals |

These journals simply house Scripture and pages for notetaking. A great option for studying a book of the Bible deeply!


| Bible Study Journal |

A very simple option to help you reflect on passages of Scripture you read. Short and sweet, but helps you think deeper!



|Women of the Word By Jen Wilkin |

This book is amazing! It talks about the importance of knowing God’s Word, as well as teaches you how to study the Bible! Click here to download the book for FREE! 

| Fall in Love with Your Bible and Stay in Love By Shana Noel |

This book offers 10 compelling ways for Bible reading and study that make it easy and even exciting! Lots of practical help and good advice!

Weekly Snapshots |March 4-8

Here are some snapshots of our week. A pretty regular week around here, but it’s the kind of regular I never want to forget!

A whole lot of just playing, making messes, and being kids!


Lots of good food, coffee, Jesus, and slow mornings.


A not so fun or regular part of our week involved someone getting a bacterial infection. Nothing some cream and medicine won’t fix!


And because I can feel spring on the horizon, all the house projects were done! I don’t spring clean, I spring redecorate!

IMG_432557349545731__8AE7F3C1-4004-4523-868C-596DEF099A17 2IMG_4096IMG_3502

We are ready for the weekend!

Donuts with Nora

A few weeks ago we celebrated Nora’s third birthday with a dnobut party! Bad weather kept quite a few guests away, but we still had a full house and a ton of fun!

This was the first party where we let NOra invite some friends and their families so that was a treat!

There was great food, a ton of donuts, presents, donut decorating, and a whole lot of love for our girl!

I forgot to take pictures of the set up before people started going through the line. So a few donuts are gone, and I noticed one of my donut banners had fallen! Oh well, at least I have a few shots to remember this special day!


Ivy Corinne |Eleven Months

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 10.33.32 AM


Weight |22lbs
Height |30 inches
Diapers | Size 3
Clothes | 12 month

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.13.45 AM

W H A T ‘S N E W

| We have a walker! She walks more than she crawls which is crazy to see! She rarely falls and walks all over the house! Not a fan of walking in shoes yet, but we will keep practicing!
| No new words, just “momma” and “dada.” But I really think she can say ball, she just won’t say it on command to prove it!
| She’s turning pages on books one-by-one now.
| Ivy is going to be out climber I can already tell! She climbs in an empty shelf, climbs on top of the dishwasher lid, and attempts to climb many other things. We better watch out!
| Waves, claps, dances, blows kisses, gives kisses, and BIG hugs.
|Has three teeth and working on her 4th!

LOVES the bathtub or any kind of water! She always finds the dog’s water bowl and splashes like crazy! She’s an ornery little gal, she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to but she just can’t help herself.
LOVES her elephant ball toy. She finds it tucked away in the corner of her room and plays with it every day!
LOVES giving BIG hugs. She is the cuddliest child, she wraps her arms around you and will hug tight! It is the sweetest thing ever!
LOVES choosing a random item, tucking it under her arm and walking all around the house yelling excitedly. It’s adorable! Some of her recent objects include; a roll of paper towels, a water bottle, my wallet, a flashlight, and a panty liner.

HATES getting her face wiped off.
HATES being too far away from momma. She is a bit attached.




We have another great eater on our hands! Ivy will eat anything, she doesn’t always eat a very big amount (she is pretty inconsistent with how much), but she will eat anything we give her! She really loves meat, which was a surprise because it took Nora a long time to like meat. Some of her other favorites include; blueberries, bananas, carrots, graham crackers, cheerios, and sausage.

She still takes 4 bottles of formula a day, but I am getting ready to slowly transition her to milk in the next few weeks.

Here is her eating schedule:

7:00am – Morning snack: Cheerios, yogurt bites, water

7:30am – Breakfast followed by a 4oz bottle

11:00am – 6oz bottle

12:00pm – Lunch

3:30pm- 6oz bottle

4:00pm-Snack: graham cracker, peanut butter crackers, goldfish, cheerios etc. water

5:30pm- Dinner

6:30pm 4oz bottle


Still sleeping well! She went through a week or two while teething where she was waking up once or twice at night, but she only needed a paci and she would go right back to sleep. She has also had some early morning wakings because of dirty diapers, so hopefully that changes soon! Her schedule has not changed much but I am still going to type it out for future reference!

Here is a rough schedule:

|Wakes up at 6:30 ready to go!

| Morning nap around 9am which usually lasts an 1-1.5 hours

| Afternoon nap around 1pm which usually lasts about 2 hours

| In bed and asleep by 7:00pm every night.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.27.16 PM


You are so much fun right now! You are all over the house exploring everything with your new-found skill of walking! You are a huge cuddler which we never could have guessed! You play hard when you get into a toy, you really study things and explore! You have the best laugh and smile, it lights up our house! We love you sweet girl! Here’s to one more month being a “baby.”

Eleven Month Photos

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.55.11 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.55.35 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.55.46 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.55.59 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.56.09 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.56.18 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.56.30 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.56.37 AM


Look How You’ve Grown

~10 Months to 11 Months~