Bits + Pieces

Bits and pieces of our life lately…



| Mary Poppins appears frequently in our house still. I really don’t know what inspires Nora each day, but some days she is just feelin’ the Mary Poppins vibe! So she puts on her outfit and goes with it!

| I have a newfound love for fresh flowers and making little arrangments! Ever since Ivy’s “Flower Patch” birthday party, I have loved having fresh flowers in the house! I buy a $10 Wal-Mart bouquet and make about four-five mini arrangements from it! They last about two weeks!

| Speaking of flowers, Nora and I planted a bunch of wildflowers in two little corners of our yard a few weeks ago. It’s the kind you just scatter everywhere and hope for the best! We have quite a few sprouts already popping through!

| The weather had been so great here! Still so mild, but lots of sun! We go outside multiple times a day, and there is usually a snack involved. Do anyone else’s kids just love having a snack outside?



| I’m still committed to reading #hiswordeveryday! I have missed some days here and there, and not every day is “moving” me. However, I have noticed such a change in my day-to-day attitude and mindset when I am daily in God’s Word.

| Ivy is the definition of a hot-mess! That girl has so many emotions and can flip a switch in seconds! She is also our adventurer! She loves to climb, explore, and get into absolutely everything. Recently her favorite thing to do is unravel the toilet paper and go all over the house with it. It’s fun for one of us…

| Stories with dad are simply the best. Collin loves reading to the girls when he is home. It gives me a nice break from the piles of books I read them each day!

| Just so much outside time lately! My gals are lovers of the great outdoors. Spring is my favorite!

365 Days

Any other moms out there stay up way too late after the kids go to bed to look at pictures of them?

Just me?

Well, I am guilty of doing this far too often.

I love to look back at all the old pictures of my girls. It’s bittersweet as I love to remember those days, but it also makes me feel the sting of time. It goes way too fast!

I was up looking at pictures from when Nora was a baby the other night, and was stopped in my tracks at a picture taken right around her second birthday. She did not look like her baby-self at all! It gave me the idea to show her growth over her three years.

I searched and found pictures from right around her birthdays each year. Seeing them side-by-side really depicts how much growth a child does in those short 365 days!

It is so hard to imagine Ivy looking as old as Nora does in her two-year picture in just one year from now, but I know she will.

Cue tears.


Nora birth to three years old.

Mary Poppins Returns

We showed Nora the new Mary Poppins movie the other night. We weren’t sure how much it would hold her attention, but she LOVED it!

Then in true Nora fashion, she was Mary Poppins for days following. She created her costume all by herself asking me to find items for her. She looked at a picture to copy Mary’s look.

She then played pretend all around her room as the soundtrack played.

Gosh I love this child!


My Girls

I just love the ages my girls are right now.

One and three are both fun in their own ways. Their ages bring some obvious differences, but their personalities do too. I love seeing them do their own thing because they have different little interests. They also love to be together though!

They can finally “play” together which has been so fun to watch. I am loving seeing their little relationship form and grow each day.

They definitely already fight in their own way, and I know it’s just the beginning of that. Luckily most of the time they get along great and share really well. I like to tell them that they are “such devoted sisters” just like the song from White Christmas. Nora repeats that to me often and it’s so sweet.

Seeing their sweet little sisterhood and their individuality is one reason I am so glad I have the chance to stay home with them each day.



Back in the Swing

We had a crazy weekend full of fun and celebration. Loads of stuff going on, lots of friends and family, a messy house, too much food, and a different schedule.

Naps were skipped, routine was broken, too much sugar was had, and bedtime… what bedtime?

I’m flexible with changing our schedule and breaking some of our own rules in the name of fun every once in a while, but I would be lying if I said I don’t greatly prefer routine and order.

My girls prefer it too. It’s easy to tell.

Monday morning we were back to our norm, just the four of us and the dogs. Our house was cleaned up from the party, only the flowers and some cake remained. We enjoyed our usual family breakfast, played together in the glorious morning sun, and simply enjoyed each other in our little home.

It was a breath of fresh air.

It’s fun to capture the big, special moments in life but I have a feeling those will be easier to remember down the road. It’s the ordinary, normal moments that I want to make sure I never forget.

The days of regular and mundane.

It can be easy to look at this ordinary morning and think nothing much of it, but looking back through these pictures I see anything but ordinary. I see some magic in there, some wonder, a little extraordinary, but mostly a whole lot of love!


Oh, how I love this sweet little life of mine!

Best Day

You know those days that are simpy the best?

You maybe can’t put your finger on why they were so great, they just were!

Well we had one of those days recently. It was a Monday, so it was Collin’s day off. It was the day before Ivy’s first birthday so I think we were just feeling extra blessed.

I didn’t get many pictures because we were so busy having fun, but some highlights are below!

I made matching headbands for Nora and me!

“Journaling” in bed with my girls after a mid-day bath, and a whole family nap!

We got the TV out for March Madness this week. So we took advantage of the “treat” and watched a movie with our gals! Popcorn and jelly beans for the bigs, a strawberry cereal bar and crackers for Little Tiny.

Our night ended with a sleeping baby, Nora and Daddy dancing around the living room to the credits, and after Nora went to bed Collin and I talked and laughed at old memories in bed until we cried.

It was a good, good day.


Ivy’s Flower Patch

Saturday we celebrated our little one-year-old! Ivy’s little flower patch opened up, and we got to love on our sweet Little Tiny by cooking out, eating cake and cookies, opening presents, and just having a whole lot of fun!

Birthdays are my favorite for our gals. I love picking a theme and decorating the house, planning the menu, and making all the little details come together. We don’t do Christmas or other holidays crazy, so I like to do birthdays a little bigger. It’s a celebration of life! Little lives we love SO much!

Birthdays have a special way of reminding me just how lucky we are. Not only for the sweet one we are celebrating, but also for the amazing love and support we have in our friends and family! God has really blessed us!

This year was the last year the girl’s got their own parties. Since they are just over a month apart, from now on we will do their parties together. So here are some pictures from our little Ivy’s flower patch party!



Life Lately

March has been so wonderful! Spring has slowly sprung this year, making it that much sweeter. The girls are seeming to grow so fast lately, and I’m afraid to blink! I’m looking forward to the coming months and summer, but I’m remembering to savor each day that I will never get back!

|Lots of crafts and learning happening at our house with Nora. I don’t do any formal “preschool” with her because I personally don’t believe kids need that this young, but I am being more intentional about doing some teaching with her! She is a sponge and soaks up everything she hears! If you see her, ask her what makes stems and leafs green!

|These two are the best of friends. Ivy loves to rough house and Nora doesn’t know how to be gentle. So there are lots of “wrestling” matches around here lately!

|I completed a ton of house projects. I have a few more things I want to do, but I’m giving our bank account a little break. 😉

| I made some pumpkin muffins the other day. I tweaked the recipe a bit and halved it since it was new. About three days after I made these, I made them again and DID NOT half the recipe! I will share soon. Best ever!

| I am still so in love with the chalk wall! So much fun is had right in this spot! It’s messt as can be, but oh so worth it!

| Our little church is thriving and just full of life lately! We love that God has placed us here. One of my favorite things in walked to church with my girls!

| We read so many books in this house. Reading just changes a kid. We have so many books of our own, and we go to the library once a week and check out ten new books to read! Nothing better than a gal (or two) on my lap and good book!

| I took this picture and wrote how much I love Ivy’s three-toothed smile. Literally a week later we found three more teeth that had just popped through! So now she has a six-toothed smile!

| Spring is really here, and despite the rainy days here and there we have been getting outside enjoying the sunshine!

| Told ya those muffins were good!

| We broke the TV out for March Madness and had to take advantage and do a movie night with the girls! They loved it! I like that TV and movies can be special treats because we do them so rarely!

| She’s one. I still can’t believe it. I love her so!


Saturday Morning

I love our Saturday mornings.

We sleep in a bit, enjoy a slow breakfast, stay in our jammies longer than usual, and enjoy sweet time as just us. They are simply the best days.

In many ways Saturdays aren’t that different for me and the girls, but I love that we get to add daddy into our daily routine!

The girls are little barnacles to Collin most of the day because they love the long uninterrupted time with him. Especially Nora, she asks him to play with her no less than a million times on Saturdays.

We all seem a little happier when we are all together.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Satuday, we love you.