Nora Kate | Month 11

Wow! In one month my baby girl will be ONE YEAR OLD! I cannot believe that, seriously time is a thief. I think I say this every month but, month 11 has been one of my favorites with mis Nora Kate. Being her momma is so much fun!

Here are my gal’s stats!



Weight | 23.4lbs
Height |30 inches
Diapers | Size 3
Clothes | 9-12 month


W H A T ‘S N E W

| We have a walker! Girlfriend is walking all over the place now! She walks more than she crawls which is crazy to see!
| No new words (except Collin swear she can say yellow.) Lots of new sounds though!
| She can get to the standing position all on her own now!
| Beginning to attempt climbing things… oh boy!
| Figured out how to work the remote and changes the songs we are playing all the time!

LOVES lift-the-flap books. She has a few memorized and can lift every flap!
LOVES her new “jungle” activity gym from her Grammy and Pa.
LOVES watching what mom is doing in the kitchen. Sometimes she gets to sit on the counter with me.
LOVES hamper rides from her dad! Collin tied an old neck tie onto one of our hampers and he pulls her all around the house. Nora just grins and squeals!

HATES getting her face wiped off.
HATES having food taken away from her.



Nora will still eat everything in sight. It has been fun to introduce her more to what we are having for dinner. She can eat just about everything at this point and it is so fun! Blueberries are still her absolute favorite followed closely by banana. She will try anything, which I love and truly will eat almost everything! She is becoming less and less interested in her bottles and is eating more and more food!


Still the best sleeper. We are so fortunate to have a little one who loves to sleep, puts herself to sleep and takes long naps. Her schedule has not changed much but I am still going to type it out for future reference!

Here is a rough schedule:

|Wakes up at 6:30 – has been sleeping in until 7-7:30 on weekends! AMEN!

| Morning nap around 9am which usually lasts an 1-1.5 hours

| Afternoon nap around 1pm which usually lasts about 2 hours

| In bed and asleep by at least 7:30pm every night

Believe me, we realize how blessed we are. I know mostly it’s her temperament but we also attribute a lot of this to putting her on a strict schedule and Cry It Out.


Oh Nora Kate,

You have become such a little ham this month! You are starting to understand humor and what makes other people laugh. You have become enamored with your own reflection and love to giggle at “the cute baby in the mirror.” You love to give kisses, espceially “Princess Kisses” (kisses on our hands). You are into absolutely everything and are a little tornado of a mess! You are growing up so much, right before our eyes! I can’t wait to see what you will do next but I am also wishing time would slow the heck down! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


11 Month Photos



‘Twas Two Nights Before Christmas…

… and all through the house.

Okay, sorry but this isn’t going to be an adorable parody of the classic Christmas poem. Just a little-effort blog post of Nora in a tutu, sitting in front of the Christmas tree!

Check back on Christmas day so see our “Christmas Card”!


Bonus picture! She is quite the chef these days!


Sugar and Spice

I always thought I was going to be a boy mom. I was 100% convinced that Nora was going to be a boy the whole time (we didn’t find out). I didn’t even really entertain the idea of a little girl because I was just sure I would have all boys.

Well, God has a sense of humor all right! I was absolutely shocked when a little girl popped out. I actually had to keep reminding myself for the first two weeks that I was the mom to a daughter! But let me tell ya, it has been fun!

I love the connection between a momma and daughter and even more so, a daddy and his little girl! I love her sweet little girly sounds and her pretty features. But, one of my favorite things about having a little gal.



| Vest |    | Bow |

Dressing a baby girl is so much fun! I don’t wear a whole lot of pink myself, but Nora’s closet is full of it! You can sure find some really cute stuff for sweet baby girls!

I particularly love shopping at Gymboree. The closest mall to us has a small Gymboree store with limited options, so luckily they have a great online store! Right now they have so many adorable fall outfits which Nora really needs because she seemed to skip right over 6 month clothes and now needs 9 month sizes in almost everything!

They have so many pieces that are adorable fall colors! Nora is getting some professional shots done with some of her cousins in November and this little vest is perfect for those pictures! Paired with a matching bow of course!


Happy shopping! 

Gymboree Children's Clothing

Movin’ and Groovin’

So… this happens now.

I am not ready for pulling up, which I know is the next step. Heck, I just got used to crawling! Baby girl is growing up way too fast and I don’t know what to do with it!

She is officially into everything! I mean every. Single. Thing. Her favorites are the dog’s toys, even though she has more toys than any child could ever possibly need!


While it is a ton of work to keep up with a mobile babe, it is also so much fun to watch this new phase. I love when I go into a different room and then I hear the pitter-patter of little hands and feet and suddenly Nora appears! She gets faster and faster every day!

Raising up little ones is a whole lot of work, but gosh is it fun!


dsc_0047Every night I rock Nora in the rocking chair Collin’s mom rocked him in.

First, we read two books and then I sing her our two special songs. After that, I say the same little prayer for her every night.

Dear Lord I pray that you wrap your arms around Nora and keep her safe and healthy through the night. 

Lord I pray that you help her to grow up big and strong, but that most of all she grows up to love and follow you. 

Thank you so much for blessing us with Nora. Amen

As I was saying the prayer, that has almost become second nature, I was really struck by how heavy those words truly are.

Dear Lord I pray that you wrap your arms around Nora and keep her safe and healthy through the night.  I thought laying my little girl down at night would get easier as she grew past that tiny baby stage, but it hasn’t. I still check on her multiple times to make sure she is breathing. I still wake up in the morning after a full nights sleep and worry that she might not be okay, checking on her immediately. I know tragedy can happen, but I need to put my trust in God. I think I will pray these words as long as I am alive.

Lord I pray that you help her to grow up big and strong, but that most of all she grows up to love and follow you. Of course every mom wants their kiddos to grow up big and strong and I am no different.I don’t just mean big in size, but big in personality and convictions. I don’t just mean physically strong, but strong in character and bravery. More than anything I want Nora Kate to grow up to love the God we will tell her all about. To love the God who knit her together and who knew of her before we ever dreamed her up. I want Nora to grow up knowing how loved she is by God and for her to share that love with others.

Thank you so much for blessing us with Nora. Amen. I know too many people who are struggling to have children of their own and I know how fleeting lives can be. We lost a child before Nora and I would give anything to rock that baby in my arms each night. Because I know that loss all too well, I know how blessed we are to have our precious gal to hold and love.

Prayer is so important. Right now my nightly prayer for her is just sounds, but I love knowing that as Nora grows she will begin to understand my words and I pray they make her feel loved by me and more importantly, by God. Hopefully some day, she will live by example and pray for her own kids like her momma prayed for her.


Nora Kate | Month 5

I have decided to change up the way I do these posts. My previous posts were very vague and that worked for the first few months, but now Nora is learning and growing in some BIG ways and I want to make sure and remember every detail! Wish I would have done this format from the start, but better late than never!

So, without farther adieu, month five.

Nora at Five Months

Weight | 14 pounds
Height | Roughly 27 inches
Diapers | Size 2
Clothes | Just about to squeeze out of her 0-3 month clothes!

W H A T ‘S N E W
Nora is growing like a weed (especially in the chub department) and learning so many new things!

| She can roll both ways
| Sit unassisted for a few seconds or in a leaning forward position.
| Reach and grab anything she wants
| Self-Soothing to sleep at night and beginning to do so for her naps too!
| Beginning to teethe. No teefers yet, but the drool is rampant and everything goes in her mouth,     especially her pointer finger.

LOVES her jumper. She could bounce all day long in that thing, as well as chew on the edge of the seat all day long! She spend a good portion of the day completely content in that thing and squealing with delight!
LOVES taking a bath and kicking her legs in the water. A few times now she has gotten so into her kicking that she kicks the drain plug open and the water starts to empty!
LOVES any and all crinkle books.
LOVES her tugglie.
LOVES going out in public to look around and take every little thing in!
LOVES to play “Oh You Want Momma” a game I made up. It’s quite riveting 😉

HATES lotion after baths.
HATES her carseat after long periods of time. She can handle about 15 minutes and then she is Over. It.
So glad there are more loves than hates!

Since having to switch to exclusively formula, Nora has shown no negative signs! In fact eating is a lot less stressful for us both! She takes a 4 ounce bottle in the morning and before bed and 5.5 ounces during the day. She also began solid foods this month and let me tell you, this girl is an eater!
She has tried:
Rice Cereal
Sweet Potato

She loves it all. Every last bite! I am currently doing a combination of homemade baby food and store bought. We were given some baby food so I don’t want it to go to waste but I also wanted to make my own! So far I have made carrots, avocado, banana and peas. I don’t think Nora cares who made it, she likes it all!

Right now Nora only eats solid foods in the evening but soon she will eat them at breakfast too!

We have been so incredibly blessed with an amazing sleeper! Now, that’s not to say that we don’t have weeks or days where she has a rough time sleeping but for the most part she is a pro sleeper! She went through the infamous 4 month sleep regression and then had a three day span of refusing to take naps longer than 20-30 minutes but after that all straightened out she is now on an incredible schedule!
| Nora wakes up between 5:00-5:30 and gets a small (4 oz) bottle, then goes back down until 7:00.
| At 9:00 Nora takes her morning nap which is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.
| Between 12:30-1:00 is when she takes her longest nap of the day, anywhere from 2-3 hours!
| Occasionally depending on when her afternoon nap ended she will take a 30 minute cat nap in the evening, but not always.
| Bedtime routine begins at 6:30 (bath, jammies, bounce on exercise ball and 2 songs, bedtime prayer) I lay her down awake and she is asleep by at least 7:15 every night! Yes you did the math right, my child sleeps 10 hours straight at 5 months! It is amazing. Trust me mom friends, I do not take this for granted, I know how blessed I am!
{UPDATE} I wrote this post a few days early to try and get ahead but forgot that her 5 month birthday would be while we were in Seattle. Sadly our whole trip she slept pretty terrible but the day we came home she was back to being an amazing sleeper. Guess she just really likes her own crib 😉

Oh Nora Kate,

Taking care of you is HARD work but I love it oh so much! You are just the best little gal and you make me smile daily. I love it best when you give me sloppy wet kisses and watching you see something new for the first time. I cannot wait to see all the things you will learn to do in the months to come! Keep growing NoNo. Momma loves you so much!

Five Month Photos

Momma Confessions

1. Nora’s pacifiers drop on the ground approximately 86,472,235 times a day. I just check them for dog hair and pop ’em back in.

2. I make dinner maybe twice a week now. We live on leftovers.

3. On the weekends I take loooooooooong showers since daddy has the babe.

4. Sometimes my teeth don’t get brushed until noon.

5. I Amazon Prime like a boss from the couch.

6. I leave Nora in her night diaper way too long because sometimes I am too tired to remember to change it.

7. I videoed Nora’s poop face and sent it to The Hubs the other day. We laugh every. time.

8. I absolutely love being a momma but it is HARD!

Photo Every Hour | Monday

I have seen these posts done before and I love to read them! The whole appeal of blogs is getting a glimpse into other people’s lives and for a nosey person like me that is so entertaining! So here is a glimpse into my Monday!

* You’ll notice an hour is missing. I may or may not have been taking a glorious one hour nap 😉 No picture necessary.

| Seven |

| Eight |

| Nine |

| Ten |
| Eleven |
| Twelve |

| One |

| Two |

| Three |

| Four |

| Five |

| Six |

| Seven |

| Eight |

| Nine |

| Ten |

Summer Daily Schedule

It is highly possible that no one else in the world will be interested in this post, but I know for a fact I will look back one day and want to remember this or reference it with future little ones! So, for your reading pleasure (or not) here is a look at Nora and I’s daily schedule. Nora is 19 weeks old.

5:30am Wake-Up/Bottle
Yes, you read that right. This is 15 minutes earlier than I get up during the school year but Nora has a very consistent internal clock and this is when she is up and ready to go every.single.morning. She is usually incredibly smiley when we go to get her but then she starts to fuss because she is hungry. She takes a 5oz bottle and usually CHUGS the whole thing!

6:00 Playtime!
Without a doubt morning time is Nora’s happiest of the day! Normally she plays in her jumper while The Hubs and I get breakfast/coffee. She just jumps and squeals and smiles and watches the dogs wrestle on the floor.

7:30-8:30 Bye-Bye Daddy/Nap #1
The Hubs leaves for work and Nora is getting very sleepy! After Collin leaves I put Nora down for her first nap. This nap lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. She just started sleeping on her belly and that has extended her naps a little!

8:30/9:00 Wake-Up, Bottle, Play
Nora gets up, gets her diaper changed and is usually happy for about a half hour before she is ready to eat. She takes another 5oz bottle like a champ and then we usually play together on the floor. She has just recently started to get really interested in toys so that brings a whole new level of fun to playtime! Her favorite game is when we run a blanket over her face… crazy child! 
11:30-1:30 Nap
Somewhere close to 11:30 Nora takes her long afternoon nap. She just started going through a nap transition and this nap became more regular and longer, sometimes even 3 hours. This is the time I SHOULD take a nap too, but usually I try to get things done or just relax on the couch. This particular day I was working on a few things for my TPT store. Basically I try to do whatever I want to do that I might not be able to do with a baby strapped to my hip! 
1:30 Wake-Up
Nora is up and usually ready to eat right away after this long nap. She gets another 5oz bottle and usually takes a long time to eat this one because she is still a little drowsy. Then we play or I put her in the swing while I do things around the house and she watches my every move! Some days she is not happy to be put down so I strap her in the baby pack and wear her around while I get a few things done. I like to get the house cleaned up a little before The Hubs comes home and sometimes I guess Nora just wants to help! 
4:00 Dinnertime! 
Occasionally Nora will take another short nap, about 30-40 minutes, during this time but not always. At 4:00 we sit down at the table and it’s time for some solid foods! We just started solids and so far she is a pro! She has had rice cereal, bananas, squash, and avocado. So far she loves everything! She eats one container of whatever food (usually veggies) and then has a 4oz bottle. She loves to eat solids and it is so fun to watch her explore new things! 
4:30 Clean-Up/Play
So my child is not a clean eater at all, but she is just now doing this spoon-fed thing so I don’t blame her. After she finishes eating I put her in her bouncer or jumper to play on her own while I clean up the big mess! Wipe down the highchair, wipe down the floor, clean bottle etc. Then after cleaning up I immediately take her to change her diaper. That solid food goes right through her if you know what I mean! At about 5:15 daddy comes home and he plays with Nora while I get supper ready! We LOVE when daddy comes home! Sometimes Nora will take a short nap at around 5:30, but this is becoming rare. 
6:00 Family Activity
Some nights after dinner we will do something fun like go on a walk or take Nora in her little pool. Many nights we just hang out in the living room and marvel at how precious our baby girl is! This is usually the time she starts to get a little fussy so going out and doing something can help or hurt the situation depending on the night. 

6:30 Bath/Bedtime Routine
We give Nora a bath every other night, so if it is bath night we start that at 6:30. If not, we just play a little while longer. After bath time, it’s jammies on and she gets her last bottle of the day, another 5oz. Then, I take her in her room and we rock and I sing her two songs, say a prayer for her and lay her in bed. We recently began sleep training and she is now a rockstar at putting herself to sleep and with NO pacifier! 

7:00 Asleep
Nora is usually asleep by 7 on a good night but sometimes it doesn’t happen until 7:30. Then The Hubs and I get some time alone! We usually watch a show or get things done around the house, nothing special, just good to have time for just the two of us! 
Disclaimer: I realized after adding this picture that it may imply something different than intended 😮 While we do like to have time like that together, in this picture we are just reading in bed 🙂 #marriage