Lazy Bums

Now that it’s Summer I am home for a couple weeks before teaching Summer School mid-June. The animals love having me home and all the attention and I have learned some things about them…

From the hours of 9:00 am to 1:00 pm all they do is this:

Lazy. Bums.

Meet Kira!

Well, after the tragic death of our two beloved pups in October and 3 months of waiting… we finally have ourselves a new puppy!
Meet Kira

Lots of people have seen the ridiculous number of pictures I have posted of her already and have asked what breed she is. Long story short, we “rescued” her. Not from a shelter but from a family that got her and couldn’t keep her. They have no animal shelter in their town and basically gave her to us for next to nothing. They advertised her as a Miniature Australian Shepherd, but we are pretty sure that isn’t the case. So honestly, we are not sure what in the world she is! We plan on finding out later, but for now we are happy she is cute, sweet, and healthy! 
Being a puppy owner is A LOT of work, but very worth it! She is the sweetest thing and overall has been really good! She wakes up once or twice at the butt-crack of dawn to go potty but then goes back to sleep in her kennel. She is doing great with potty training and is learning to play on her own! Theo and her love to wrestle and play. Melvin doesn’t really care about her, but he is moody anyway 🙂
Now for a ridiculous number of pictures and a video too! 
A woman that The Hubs works with took these first few pictures with her fancy camera and they turned out so good!  

Looking Back: 2013

Today I review the year of 2013 and all the milestones and even mediocre events it held, month by month.


I started my last semester of classes EVER and started a great morning routine of breakfast and the Bible!
Celebrated Christmas in January with my best girlfriends! 
Favorite January Posts:

Celebrated The Hub’s 23rd birthday with a day date at his favorite mexican restaurant. 
The Hubs and I celebrated our first Valentines Day as a married couple! I sure do love this man!
Favorite February Posts
Celebrated a friends upcoming wedding with a wonderful shower! Love you Ashley!
Enjoyed a quick spring break trip to St. Louis with my bestie CoCo! We stayed in a cheap hotel, ate tons of good food and did lots of shopping! Perfect getaway!
Favorite March Posts

At the beginning of April we moved to a new house. Downsizing was great for our budget and we really love this house and our amazing landlords! But it was confirmed…I still HATE MOVING!
CoCo and I threw a bridal shower for our friend Christine (usually called Crusty). Such a fun afternoon with some really great friends. We also seriously considered starting an event planning business cause we kicked party throwing booty!
Favorite April Posts
Finished school and started my summer job as a nanny for two precious kiddos. 
Bachelorette party in Memphis!!!
I was honored to get to stand up next to one of my best friends on her wedding day! She was absolutely gorgeous and her wedding was perfect!
On the 25th The Hubs and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary! What a great year we had, I love being married to my best friend!
Favorite May Posts:

We headed home in June for a high school friends wedding and a get together with the whole family. It turned out to be the best trip home ever! Tarl, my oldest brother surprised us all, found out I would be getting a new nephew in December and we were all home to celebrate fathers day with the best daddy ever!

Favorite June Posts:

Went to our Cardinals game for the summer. It was incredibly hot but we had a great time and enjoyed all that Busch Stadium has to offer!
We celebrated Melvin’s 5th birthday and his one year anniversary of being ours! We sure do love this big guy!
Favorite July Posts:
A big transition month. Ended my nanny job and began student teaching. 
Favorite August Posts
Celebrated my 23rd birthday on the first and my favorite present was our new puppy Maura!
Got knee-deep in teaching and all that it entails. Absolutely loving every, single minute of it!
Favorite September Posts
Our church did a huge community serve day and The Hubs and I had the chance to help a local Elementary school with their outdoor classroom! 
I got to meet my #1 celebrity crush Ben Affleck! But don’t worry, The Hubs is still #1 in my heart!
Sadly, October also held one of the saddest moments of my life. We lost both of our dogs in a tragic event. Still missing them everyday but also have so many happy memories of them. Read about the event here.
Didn’t blog much in October… oops.
Got ourselves a new little guy so Melvin would have a new friend! Theo is the sweetest and cuddliest little guy and has been such a great addition to our family! 
My new nephew was born a month early and had a few issues that landed him two weeks in Special Care. My sister and I made a short little trip to Texas to help the family out and celebrate Thanksgiving! Got to see the new little one, his big sister, their parents and my parents too!

Favorite November Posts:

I finished up student teaching and I graduated!!!!!

Favorite December Posts:
10 Things I Wish I Were Better At
Christmas Family Photos 

I can’t wait to see what all 2014 holds for our little family. I have a feeling God has some big things in store!!!


Linking up for 5 on Friday to share some of the great things from my week! 
1.  6 day weekend! Yep, you read that right. Missouri got pounded with snow and ice and since the school I am teaching at is in a rural community we had 4 snow days. I got lots done, but by the end I was going a bit stir crazy!
 2. Family photos were taken. The Hubs basically hated it the whole time but it had been a REALLY long time since we had taken some nice photos together. Plus it is our first Christmas in this house and that needs to be documented! 
3. With so many snow days I got to sleep in and have quiet mornings drinking coffee, blogging and snuggling with the cats! Speaking of snuggling here are a few adorable snuggly photos from this week! I am so glad to have these little guys, they kept me so warm in the freezing cold temps!

4. The blog got a new look and I am loving it! This is the fourth time I have redone the blog. I do it all on my own and it takes hours of work and googling how to do things, but it is really satisfying to see the end product!

5. There is no laundry in this house right now because with all my days off I just did laundry over and over and over. Feels good to be caught up, but also sad that this is a highlight of my week 😉

Some Things Happening Lately… Worth Mentioning

Since I haven’t blogged in a while I have a few pictures to share or interesting things that have happened lately in The Smith world!

Maybe the coolest of them all is that I got to meet my celebrity crush… Ben Affleck! He was in my town for about two months filming the movie Gone Girl and after stalking him for quite a few nights, my friend Courtney and I finally got to meet him and get a picture! He is so nice and even more handsome in person!

I over soaped our dishwasher, which I have never done before. And this picture was taken after I sopped up the huge puddle of water and suds that was ALL over the kitchen. Oops!

I decided to try some new recipes and actually use the recipe books we got for our wedding! I will post some of the good ones I find! Of course the cats were there to help!

Got to spend some time with The Hubs’ family to celebrate our nieces 2nd birthday! Here we are getting our feet massaged! Only the best treatment for the birthday girl!

My parents handed down some of their furniture to us and we got our hands on this awesome shelf! It is now a part of our coffee bar area and I absolutely love how it turned out!

Just a couple of “exciting” things that have happened recently that I wanted to share! Have a happy hump day!

Weekend Happenings

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with no plans! Here is a short recap!

I first have to mention that Thursday evening I rushed home from work since it was The Hubs’ day off. I walked in and he had deep cleaned the entire house and was almost finished with the laundry! I mean talk about sexy! We had a $10 off coupon for Red Lobster and enjoyed a delicious meal, their Talapia is to die for! Then we went grocery shopping together, which is one of our favorite things to do! What a fun evening!

Friday night The Hubs and I went and got our favorite Chinese food (China Wok) and rented the movie Now You See Me. Both were good and we had a nice date night in! We watched our movie while we ate so it ended around 7:30. I go to bed around 9:00 every night since I get up so early, and Collin goes to bed around 2:00am because he gets off work at midnight. He wanted to “spend more time with me” so he bet me I couldn’t stay up past 10:00. This might not sound that hard but I pretty much shut down completely at 9:30 and CAN’T go on. If I won however, The Hubs said he would do all he laundry next week. He had no idea what I would do to get out of laundry… I made it to 11:00!!!!

Saturday I was laying in bed when I got a call from my brother. His wife was due with baby number 2 December 15th but Jaxon Parker Raney decided to come a month early. He is doing great, has to stay in the NICU for a while to be monitored but should be going home tomorrow or Wednesday! I already love the little man and can’t wait to meet him when we spend Christmas in Texas! P.S. this makes niece/nephew #6! I am one lucky Aunt! P.P.S. I would be lying if I said this didn’t make baby fever kick in a little!

Saturday The Hubs had to work all day so I literally laid around the house all day! It was great! I snapped a few pictures of our precious new addition throughout the day! He is such a great addition to our house, he and big brother Melvin are even beginning to like each other!

Sunday The Hubs and I woke up and had a nice quiet morning together. We had coffee and relaxed (we missed our church service oops). We then made calzones, caesar salad and breadsticks for lunch and then took a nap! Also captured a few more precious pics of Mr. Theo! (yes, I am that person, just wait until we have a precious puppy!)

Being the homebody that I am, I love weekends where I can just lay around and relax. This weekend was just what the doctor ordered! Now onto a week of school including my first field trip with my class! Can’t wait to tell you about that! 😉

Cat Letters

Dear Melvin,
I don’t know how it is possible for me to love something and also hate something so much at the same time. You are the most annoying cat I have ever met. You are gluttonous as heck. I really wish that you did not have an inner clock that goes off exactly 30 minutes before I am to get up at 6:30. I also wish your inner clock did not force you to meow right at the foot of our bed, bat at my hand and scratch on the door frames. Your inner clock is also incredibly stupid because it seems to think that anytime anyone is in the kitchen (where your food is) that you should be fed. So again, you meow non-stop! I also am not too fond of the fact that anytime I am eating anything involving cheese, you are right in my face trying to get a lick. Nacho cheese! There are literally many times when I would like to give you away and I really don’t think I would miss you. 
Then you do things like this…
Yes, you are adorable and you know it. I love how much you will snuggle when you are sleepy. I can always count on you climbing right up in my lap and laying down when I am on the couch. Many a night you have literally slept in my arms, you little snuggle bug. I love how you are always in the window when I drive up, like you were waiting for me. Last week you were found in the window laying on your back with your legs spread out. Pretty funny. I have to admit it was also pretty cute when you were chasing that moth around the kitchen. Maybe you shouldn’t try to get birds through the screen door anymore though, I think that probably hurt. 
What I am trying to say, is that as much as you annoy me (and your father), I think my love outweighs the hate. I look forward to many more years as your mother.
With all the love in my heart (I am sucking up so you won’t wake me up tomorrow morning),