Being Present

I took a little break from the blog over the holidays and then gave myself a few more days to get back in the groove in my classroom.

Happy to say I am back with much more to say ūüėČ


We all know those people who are glued to their phones all the time. Those family members or friends who cannot just be “in the moment” and connect with other people. They also have to be “connected” to the internet. I would imagine , most everyone has had their moments of being that person and others are that way almost constantly.

Well, Collin and I both found ourselves in that position a little more than we were comfortable with. We would come home from work, eat dinner and then sit on the couch both on our phones. Now, truly we are million times better than most people our age but still it was something that was getting to both of us. Luckily, we are both capable of being on our phones and holding a conversation, but it just isn’t the same. So, we created a new rule for our family in 2017.


No technology between the hours of 5-8 pm. 


This means that our phones, tablet and computer are physically put in another room until 8:00pm each night. We put our phones on ring in case someone calls or texts and requires an immediate response. We also allow ourselves to look something up if it is important. Pictures of adorable Nora moments are also allowed. But, other than those exceptions, we don’t touch our devices.

So far, we have actually stuck with this for 10 days.

It has been the absolute best thing for our family! In those three hours we have found ourselves having great conversations, getting on the floor and playing more with Nora, playing more games and watching less t.v. (Television in our house is not really an¬†issue, we never have it on when Nora is awake). Reading for pleasure had pretty much gone to the wayside for me and now I am halfway through a new book I started only a few days ago. Excitedly, I have cooked more and our house is cleaner and more organized. I have even been able to fit a time for working out in that mysteriously just wasn’t there before. We have been forced to do a lot more in those three hours and the results are amazing!

Maybe the best part of the whole thing is that Nora does not see her parents buried in their phones at all anymore. She sees parents who are attentive, present and who are doing things that make us more well rounded (Facebook and Instagram just don’t reap us many rewards).

The time we chose was strategic for our family’s schedule. I cannot check social media from work so I don’t see Facebook or Instagram all day. Collin can check his periodically throughout the day. So, when I get home at 4pm, I can check anything I have missed during the day. Collin gets home from work at 5pm and the “no technology hours begin”. We usually eat dinner around 5:30 and then pay with Nora until she goes to bed at 7. This gives us two “uninterrupted” hours as a family of three, then Collin and I have an hour with no technology just the two of us!

After 8:00 pm, if we choose to go grab our phones out of the other room we can, but many nights we don’t even notice what time it is and we continue doing our other activities. The other night Collin and I played Skip-Bo until 9:30! One night I made cookies another night I deep cleaned the bathrooms while Collin put away laundry. Tasks that would have been put off for days if we were messin’ around on our phones.

I challenge anyone reading this to try the rule out with your family for at least a week and see what kinds of things you find to do or what tasks you can accomplish that you “never had time for” before.

Here is an outline of our family’s rules.¬†

| Phones/tablet go in another room on a charger.

| Turn phones on high ring in case someone calls or texts.

| We can check texts and respond if it is important. If not important, respond after 8.

| If we are having a discussion and need to look something up. Both Collin and I have to agree if it is worth looking it up right then. For example, the other night we started a movie at 7:30 after Nora was asleep and we couldn’t place where we recognized an actor from. It was driving us crazy, so we looked it up and then left the phone in the other room until 8.

| If Nora is doing something adorable we can run and grab our phone to snap a picture. Picture cannot be posted on any site until after 8! Yep, we’re sticklers ūüôā

| When the microwave clock says 8pm we can get our phones if we so desire!


It really has been so good for our little family and just helps us to be present with each other, more invested in moments and to hardly miss a thing! I plan on posting a list of some great options for anyone to do while not using their phone/device later on.

Let me know if you try this out and how it goes!

Movin’ and Groovin’

So… this happens now.

I am not ready for pulling up, which I know is the next step. Heck, I just got used to crawling! Baby girl is growing up way too fast and I don’t know what to do with it!

She is officially into everything! I mean every. Single. Thing. Her favorites are the dog’s toys, even though she has more toys than any child could ever possibly¬†need!


While it is a ton of work to keep up with a mobile babe, it is also so much fun to watch this new phase. I love when I go into a different room and then I hear the pitter-patter of little hands and feet and suddenly Nora appears! She gets faster and faster every day!

Raising up little ones is a whole lot of work, but gosh is it fun!


dsc_0047Every night I rock Nora in the rocking chair Collin’s mom rocked him in.

First, we read two books and then I sing her our two special songs. After that, I say the same little prayer for her every night.

Dear Lord I pray that you wrap your arms around Nora and keep her safe and healthy through the night. 

Lord I pray that you help her to grow up big and strong, but that most of all she grows up to love and follow you. 

Thank you so much for blessing us with Nora. Amen

As I was saying the prayer, that has almost become second nature, I was really struck by how heavy those words truly are.

Dear Lord I pray that you wrap your arms around Nora and keep her safe and healthy through¬†the night. ¬†I thought laying my little girl down at night would get easier as she grew past that tiny baby stage, but it hasn’t. I still check on her multiple times to make sure she is breathing. I still wake up in the morning after a full nights sleep and worry that she might not be okay, checking on her immediately. I know tragedy can happen, but I need to put my trust in God. I think I will pray these words as long as I am alive.

Lord I pray that you help her to grow up big and strong, but that most of all she grows up to love and follow you. Of course every mom wants their kiddos to grow up big and strong and I am no different.I don’t just mean big in size, but big in personality and convictions. I don’t just mean physically strong, but strong in character and bravery. More than anything I want Nora Kate to grow up to love the God we will tell her all about. To love the God who knit her together and who knew of her before we ever dreamed her up.¬†I want Nora to grow up knowing how loved she is by God and for her to share that love with others.

Thank you so much for blessing us with Nora. Amen. I know too many people who are struggling to have children of their own and I know how fleeting lives can be. We lost a child before Nora and I would give anything to rock that baby in my arms each night. Because I know that loss all too well, I know how blessed we are to have our precious gal to hold and love.

Prayer is so important. Right now my nightly prayer for her is just sounds, but I love knowing that as Nora grows she will begin to understand my words and I pray they make her feel loved by me and more importantly, by God. Hopefully some day, she will live by example and pray for her own kids like her momma prayed for her.


My Daily Schedule as a Working Mom

I am a working mom. It is no joke people. It’s hard.

I really love being a teacher and feel like it is something I am truly good at but any mother who has worked full-time knows the harsh reality of being torn between two things. It is hard to come home and want to get things done when you worked all day. Normally I want to just play with Nora instead of make dinner or do any type of domestic activity.

I don’t know if I will always be a working mom. I have dreams of one day staying home with our kids, but only God knows what my future truly holds.

With all the craziness, The Hubs and I have created ourselves a nice little evening routine to help us stay on top of housework and working out, while also enjoying Nora and each other.

Either way this is a crazy and also amazing season of life and this blog is meant to help document where I am in life. So, here is a glimpse into my daily schedule as full-time working momma!

5:45 AM

Alarm goes off, I immediately get up. That isn’t sarcasm. I am not a snooze hitter or slow to wake up. My alarm goes off, I’m up right away and headed to the shower. I take fast showers so I’m out by 6:00 AM.

6:00 AM

Time for make-up, hair, and getting dressed. I do minimal make-up ( foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush) and really only know 3 hair styles (down and straight, down and curled or ponytail). So this part does not take long at all. I usually pick my clothes out the night before to hopefully eliminate the trying-on-a-million-outfits-dilemma.

At this time The Hubs wakes up and takes both our dogs on a quick walk around our neighborhood.

6:30 AM

The Hubs is back and Nora is usually just waking up. If she isn’t already up, we have to wake her up now to give her her morning bottle and get her dressed. The Hubs feeds Nora, changes her diaper and gets her dressed (#superdad) while I eat breakfast and get all of mine and Nora’s things loaded in the car.

7:00 AM

Nora and I are out the door while The Hubs gets in the shower. We give kisses goodbye and are on our way to day care and school. Nora likes to make lots of noises the whole drive to day care, it’s pretty stinkin’ cute! I arrive at Nora’s day care around 7:15 AM.

Don’t worry, this is not how we drive to work. Just set her down one moring to get the umbrella ready to run into day care!

7:20 AM

I have dropped Nora off and am in my classroom by this time. I made the decision to go into work almost a half hour earlier than I need to be there because it means I can leave much earlier at the end of the day. In the mornings there isn’t time for me to sit and play with Nora but there is in the evenings so I don’t want to waste that evening time. I work on classroom things like passing out morning work, writing notes on the board and making sure all my ducks are in a row for the day.


I am now in full-on Mrs. Smith mode. I am answering questions, teaching things, getting on to kids, being accidentally called mom and saying “listen to me when I am talking” a million times. Like I said before, I really do love my job but it is exhausting. By 3:00 I am ready to be home!

3:30 PM

I wrap up for the day and try to do a few things to get ready for the next day. I head to get Nora at day care, getting there around 3:40 PM.

4:00 PM

Nora and I are home and playing, just waiting for The Hubs to get home! Occasionally Nora will fall asleep on the way home and stay asleep for about 45 miuntes but not always. Most days we fill this our with playing and momma giving her a thousand kisses!

5:15 PM

Daddy is home and takes over while I make dinner. He gets time to play with Nora and I can make dinner without her distracting me. Nora usually eats at around 5:30 so either The Hubs will feed her or I will feed her while we eat dinner.

6:00 PM

We are usually done eating at this time and we have another 30 minutes to play with Nora and clean up from dinner. Most evenings lately, we put Nora on the living room floor and watch in amazement as she attempts to crawl!

6:30 PM

Nora and I begin the bedtime routine. Bath (every other night), jammies, four books, 2 songs, 1 prayer and in her crib awake!

While I am putting Nora down, The Hubs is getting our “garage gym” ready! He takes his laptop out and cues up our Daily Burn video, turns on the fans and fills up our water bottles.

7:00 PM

By 7 Nora is usually asleep or at least drowsily talking in her crib (which leads to sleep about 5 minutes later). Some people have remarked that 7 is a really early bedtime and while it does make it difficult for us to go out and do things, most nights we are just home and it is so nice to have time for just The Hubs and I!

I get my shoes on and head to the garage to work out! We do a 30 minute workout video in the garage 5 nights a week ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). We lock the doors in the house and have a monitor out with us in case Nora wakes up.

7:45 PM

We are done working out and head in the house. At this time we consult our weekly cleaning schedule and do whatever is on that! This is the best thing we ever did! It literally takes 20 minutes and helps keep the house clean throughout the week so we can keep our weekends free of big cleaning days.


8:30 PM

We are done with our chore for the evening so we shower and usually grab a snack. Right now we are watching Season 2 of Castle so we usually watch one episode before we go to bed.

9:30 PM

We are usually off to bed by this time. Of course sometimes it is later and sometimes a little earlier. I am not a night owl so sometimes I even crash curing Castle and The Hubs has to wake me up to go to bed. We go to sleep and get ready to start another day all over!

Photo Every Hour | Monday

I have seen these posts done before and I love to read them! The whole appeal of blogs is getting a glimpse into other people’s lives and for a nosey person like me that is so entertaining! So here is a glimpse into my Monday!

* You’ll notice an hour is missing. I may or may not have been taking a glorious one hour nap ūüėČ No picture necessary.

| Seven |

| Eight |

| Nine |

| Ten |
| Eleven |
| Twelve |

| One |

| Two |

| Three |

| Four |

| Five |

| Six |

| Seven |

| Eight |

| Nine |

| Ten |

2015 ~ A Look Back

What a crazy, exciting and emotional year it has been! As I was preparing to write this post I looked back at last year’s and realized that our little family has come so far in just a year’s time! Praise God for all he has done in this past year. A lot of healing and blessings in our little family in 2015!

Read 2014’s Look Back here

January 2015

* After a really hard holiday season dealing with the loss of our first baby at 9 weeks, both The Hubs and I were in a tough place. Going back to work was really therapeutic for me because I absolutely love my job! But sadly January began one of the hardest stretches of our journey yet. We began trying for a baby again and were really discouraged when it didn’t happen the first month like it had the first time. I was also dealing with some crazy physical stuff because of my surgery that was very discouraging.

* I locked myself out of the house and had to climb through a window to get back in! That was fun, read about it here!

* We celebrated 1 year of having Kira in our family! We love this crazy high-energy dog so much!

February 2015

* We bought a house and moved in on February 1st! It was such a healing thing for us and really helped us switch our focus to something exciting!

* We were sad to say goodbye to the townhouse we had lived in for 2 years, but that home held lots of sad memories so a new start felt needed.

* We love our little home but it is definitely a starter home! So many projects were on our never-ending to-do list! We got started right away by painting every room in the house! I really had so much fun making this house our home!

* At the end of the month we celebrated The Hub’s turning 25! So glad this amazing man is in my life!

March 2015

* Still no baby, and I was getting discouraged. My doctor said it was completely normal after the surgery and to just be patient. So I decided to shift my focus on teaching and I did a lot of fun, extra things in my classroom! Read about them here and here.

* We got lots more done in our new home and began to really settle in! The animals especially began to feel at home!

April 2015

* Still working on home improvement projects! We added some curb appeal to our house and Kira discovered the back yard was perfect for digging!

* Celebrated Easter just the 2 of us because we had commitments at our church. I held an Easter egg hunt for the kids and had a blast!

* We took an early 3-year anniversary trip to Kansas City to see the Tour De Compadres concert. Collin got to go to Ikea for the first time and it is our favorite concert we have ever been to! Turned out to be one of the best trips we have ever taken especially because my parents met us in KC and treated us to lunch!

* Another month of no baby, I started to do some research and found out that getting active could help. So our little family started going on hikes near our house and walking around our neighborhood.

May 2015

* This month was an emotional rollercoaster! I had reached the point where I was beginning to think we would never have a baby. I felt like every person in the world EXCEPT me was pregnant and I really had a rough month. We stayed active and I even started running (yuck) to hopefully help in this area. I also began eating super healthy to try and get my body to its best!

* School getting out for the summer was good. The kids can sense when it’s time and when they reach that point I am ready to get out of there! It was a great first year of teaching and my love of the career was only solidified.

* At the end of the month we welcomed sweet Rigby into our family! We had been wanting a second dog for a while and we went to just look and someone fell in love (okay, it was me)! He is seriously the best dog ever! He is the perfect companion for Kira, they are best friends!

* The 25th marked 3 years of wedded bliss! We went on a date to our favorite Thai restaurant! We had been and were going through some rough stuff but gosh do I love The Hubs and how strong and faithful to God he was through it all! I picked the perfect partner for this crazy life!

June 2015

* June brought absolutely beautiful weather! The Hubs and I spent lots of time outside in our back yard.

* I began teaching summer school which was a nice way to make some extra cash and stay busy!

* Rigby was settling in nicely and Kira was happily beginning to accept him as a new part of the family. I think she liked having a playmate!

* We undertook our next big house project… new carpet in both bedrooms! We felt so adult when making this purchase!

* We found out we were PREGNANT! After the loss of our first baby and 7 long months of trying we were so overjoyed to find out we had another miracle awaiting us!

July 2015

* This month we were basically just overjoyed that there was a sweet baby growing in my belly! It would be a lie if I said there wasn’t also a lot of fear and worry. The first month we both struggled with worry that we would lose this sweet babe too. But we got great news at our 10 week appointment which let us hear the heartbeat, a sound we never got to hear with our first baby.

* My two best friends from high school came to visit and it was so fun to share the news with them!

* My sister and I who are both teachers, spent a day together making 16 freezer meals to prepare for the beginning of school. I love that she lives only 45 minutes away!

* The first trimester exhaustion hit me hard this month and I spent most of my time snuggled on the couch with the pups and taking 2 naps a day!

* It finally got really hot this month and our times outside were much fewer. But Rigby loves being outside so we made sure he got to go out!

August 2015

* August means back to school for this teacher. Lots of classroom prep as I moved to a brand new addition of the school. I hate the first days of school when your kids know nothing and have to learn your expectations. Luckily I have an amazing class this school year and they actually caught on very quickly! Happy teacher, happy classroom ūüėČ

* School overtakes me in August and back to school meant back to grading papers. I was exhausted by the end of the day and always needed a snack to get me through grading!

* We announced our pregnancy to the world which felt so good and I began my bumpdates!

September 2015

* I celebrated my 25th birthday on the 1st of the month. The Hubs always buys the best gifts!

* I entered the second trimester and started to get my energy back! My bump really began to show at 17 weeks and at 18 weeks I felt baby’s first tiny kicks!

* In other big news, Kira and Rigby started cuddling! This is a big deal in The Smith household! We love cuddling!

October 2015

* October brought week 20 of pregnancy which meant we were half way! We had our big ultrasound and held strong on not finding out the gender! Bebe was perfectly healthy and is either a boy or a girl… we will just wait and see!

* We started slowly working on the baby’s room.

* We said goodbye to our beloved cat Melvin as he went to live with my parents in Kansas. We wanted to downsize our animal load and my mom has always loved Melvin so they jumped at the chance to take him! We miss him but know he is very happy there!

* We held a Halloween party at our house with some great friends! This is the first time we had entertained at our house and it was so much fun!

* I shared about our miscarriage, which had been a secret from everyone but closest friends and family. I got so much support and encouragement from everyone, it felt great to be able to share our first baby’s story. We will always love you Selah. Read the post here.

November 2015

* We finally got our crib painted and put together (thanks sister and hubs!). It was The Hub’s crib from when he was a baby so it’s really special!

* I started to really look unmistakably pregnant! Growing bigger each day!

* November was a very relaxed month with nothing too special. Ended with a great Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Eating for 2 on Thanksgiving is the best!

December 2015

* I entered the third and final trimester! I have had a very easy pregnancy but am very ready to meet this sweet babe and find out if we will have a son or daughter!

* We got our house all decorated for Christmas, my favorite time of year!

* Wrapped up a wonderful first semester with my fourth graders. I received so many sweet gifts from my students. As much as I was ready for break I will miss my kiddos over the 3 weeks!

* The Hubs and I went to a wedding of some friends. It was fun to get the bump all dressed up!

* I was bit by the blogging bug again and have blogged a lot in December. I love writing and having this space to look back on is great!  Check it out!

* December is not quite over yet so I still have plenty of Christmas Break left. I will spend it relaxing, snuggling with the animals and enjoying free time… and lots of delicious food!

Boy are these posts long, but they are one of my favorites to write! I love looking back on the year I have had and remembering the great times. Even seeing the tough times is good because it helps me to remember how faithful God is! I am so excited for 2016 because we will get to meet our sweet baby and begin the adventure of parenting!

Christmas Spirit


This holiday season really made The Hubs and I begin talking about what we want Christmas to look like in our home as we start our family. Christmas has been so commercialized in our world and the real meaning (Jesus!) has been forgotten.

We don’t want our kiddos growing up thinking that Christmas is all about gifts, Santa and earthly desires. So here are a few things we plan to do with our kids to help them keep the true meaning of Christmas in sight.

1. Read The Christmas Story

What better way to help our kiddos understand why we truly celebrate Christmas than to read them the story of Jesus’ birth? We may start out with a book like the one below and as they get older we will read from the Bible. We want this to be something we do every year as a family, snuggled together on the couch reading the story together and praying together to thank God for the greatest gift of all! ¬†


2. No Santa

Sorry, this might bother some people but we will probably not have Santa in our home. The Hubs struggled with this because he grew up with Santa and thought it was so fun. But after talking it over we decided we will tell the story of the real Saint Nicholas, because he was actually a pretty cool guy. Our kids just won’t think Santa flew around the world to deliver their presents. We will also make sure they are respectful of those kids who do believe in Santa.¬†
3. Minimal Gifts
Christmas in this world we live in seems to be so much about gifts and spending WAY too much money! When kids are little they will have trouble understanding the true meaning so if you are buying them tons of gifts that will naturally overshadow Jesus. It just will. So we are going to adopt the Want, Need, Wear, Read policy for gifts to our kids. We do not want to go overboard and spoil them or break the bank so we will use the following guidelines to get our kids just 4 simple gifts. 
Our kids get one thing that they really want! That toy they have been begging for and we keep saying no. Whatever item they have been obsessing over (unless it is incredibly expensive) will be their fun gift!

We will buy our kids something that they have really been needing. Maybe new shoes or a coat or backpack for school. Something we keep saying they need but haven’t gone out and gotten yet.¬†

Something for them to wear. A shirt, hat and gloves or something anything wearable. 

A book! Something they will really love and be interested in and will also encourage them to read more! 

4. Family Time

While Jesus truly is the reason for the season, the holidays are also a great time to be with family and have special times together that you may not normally have time for. We want our Christmas mornings to be incredibly special for our kids and us. We talked about doing some kind of special breakfast that we only do on Christmas morning and then read the Christmas Story and open presents and spend our morning together, just our little family before we head off to big family events.

Whatever your family does this time of year I challenge you to keep God at the center of it no matter what! 

2014 ~ A Look Back

January 2014
After spending the New Years with my family in Texas (my brother’s family lives there) we made a pit-stop in Arkansas to pick up a new furry friend! Kira joined our family on January second and as cheesy as it is to say, she has added so much to our lives. She is such a great dog and incredibly loving!
Mr. Smith left his job at the newspaper and started at his old job again. Read more about it here. 

February 2014
February was pretty uneventful. Mr. Smith celebrated turning 24 and I wrote a post about a new season of life we entered. 
March 2014
Another month of laying low and working hard. Nothing too eventful or exciting, just ordinary life. But sometimes that is the best kind! 

April 2014
I didn’t post one single time in April so to be honest I don’t remember much of what happened. Except that I got my dream teaching job at my dream school (who could forget that?) That’s why I love blogging! If I hadn’t blogged all year I wouldn’t have remembered half of the things that happened. But there is also something sweet about thinking that the month of April is something just Mr. Smith and I can share!
May 2014
I wrapped up an 8 week maternity leave position and began regular subbing at the same school. I was so excited about my new position as a fourth grade teacher that I jumped right in to classroom projects! The weather was amazing and we spent lots of time outside! At the end of the month Mr. Smith and I celebrated out two-year anniversary with a weekend trip to St. Louis! I love that man so stinkin’ much. Seriously, he’s my favorite!

June 2014
Early in the month of June Mr. Smith and I headed to a small nearby town for a color run that my sister and her husband put on. My best friend and her man joined us and then straight after we headed to a wedding. Mid-June I worked two-weeks teaching Kindergarten at summer school. It was a crazy, busy month!

July 2014
July was a whirlwind! So much happened but it was so much fun. ¬†We joined Mr. Smith’s family on a weeklong beach vacation in South Carolina! I did some more classroom crafting and my friends and their pups visited for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog party!¬†

August 2014
August arriving meant that my first year of teaching was quickly approaching. I spent about two weeks getting my classroom all set-up for 20 precious fourth graders! And then by mid August we were off with a bang! I LOVE teaching fourth grade! 

September 2014
September 1st I turned 24 and celebrated quietly with Mr. Smith (that’s the best way in my opinion)! September also brought my first full month of teaching, things go by quickly when you are having fun and are constantly running around! I wrote about needing some “me-time”.¬†
October 2014
An exciting month and incredibly busy. No blogging happened so I head to instagram to show some snapshots from the month. 

November was really hard for multiple reasons. But is also brought some good, like Thanksgiving crafts, spending time with family and scoring some Black Friday deals without ever leaving the house! Our church opened a new campus in the town I work and we got knee-deep in the launch. Mr. Smith is program director and I am children’s coordinator. Lots of work, but all for God!

December 2014
A month of healing and happiness. We decorated for Christmas and then took it down two weeks later cause Theo kept climbing and ruining the tree. Celebrated Jesus’ birthday with both sides and I had a week off at home to relax and catch-up on things like laundry and cleaning (read: drinking coffee and netflix) Something else exciting happened too, that I will share later! Kansas Christmas photos here.¬†

To be honest we look back at this year as really hard, but as I write this I see that it also held so many good, sweet times in our little family. Even so, I welcome 2015 with open arms and I just have a feeling it is going to be the best year yet! 

… and a Happy New Year

Well, Christmas break came and went in what seems like the blink of an eye. It is the first time in many years that I have been able to spend the actual Christmas holiday with my family in Kansas. It was the perfect trip home!

There was shooting guns with my Gramps
opening presents
a family touch football game
a Christmas Eve service
extended family
Raney sibling activities
chats with cousins
family pictures
mulitiple games of Battle of the Sexes
playing outside
making fake snow
a lot of coffee
reading the Christmas story
a full kids table
squishy baby snuggles
Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls

and so much more!

It was the perfect Christmas.

Looking Back: 2013

Today I review the year of 2013 and all the milestones and even mediocre events it held, month by month.


I started my last semester of classes EVER and started a great morning routine of breakfast and the Bible!
Celebrated Christmas in January with my best girlfriends! 
Favorite January Posts:

Celebrated The Hub’s 23rd birthday with a day date at his favorite mexican restaurant.¬†
The Hubs and I celebrated our first Valentines Day as a married couple! I sure do love this man!
Favorite February Posts
Celebrated a friends upcoming wedding with a wonderful shower! Love you Ashley!
Enjoyed a quick spring break trip to St. Louis with my bestie CoCo! We stayed in a cheap hotel, ate tons of good food and did lots of shopping! Perfect getaway!
Favorite March Posts

At the beginning of April we moved to a new house. Downsizing was great for our budget and we really love this house and our amazing landlords! But it was confirmed…I still HATE MOVING!
CoCo and I threw a bridal shower for our friend Christine (usually called Crusty). Such a fun afternoon with some really great friends. We also seriously considered starting an event planning business cause we kicked party throwing booty!
Favorite April Posts
Finished school and started my summer job as a nanny for two precious kiddos. 
Bachelorette party in Memphis!!!
I was honored to get to stand up next to one of my best friends on her wedding day! She was absolutely gorgeous and her wedding was perfect!
On the 25th The Hubs and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary! What a great year we had, I love being married to my best friend!
Favorite May Posts:

We headed home in June for a high school friends wedding and a get together with the whole family. It turned out to be the best trip home ever! Tarl, my oldest brother surprised us all, found out I would be getting a new nephew in December and we were all home to celebrate fathers day with the best daddy ever!

Favorite June Posts:

Went to our Cardinals game for the summer. It was incredibly hot but we had a great time and enjoyed all that Busch Stadium has to offer!
We celebrated Melvin’s 5th birthday and his one year anniversary of being ours! We sure do love this big guy!
Favorite July Posts:
A big transition month. Ended my nanny job and began student teaching. 
Favorite August Posts
Celebrated my 23rd birthday on the first and my favorite present was our new puppy Maura!
Got knee-deep in teaching and all that it entails. Absolutely loving every, single minute of it!
Favorite September Posts
Our church did a huge community serve day and The Hubs and I had the chance to help a local Elementary school with their outdoor classroom! 
I got to meet my #1 celebrity crush Ben Affleck! But don’t worry, The Hubs is still #1 in my heart!
Sadly, October also held one of the saddest moments of my life. We lost both of our dogs in a tragic event. Still missing them everyday but also have so many happy memories of them. Read about the event here.
Didn’t blog much in October… oops.
Got ourselves a new little guy so Melvin would have a new friend! Theo is the sweetest and cuddliest little guy and has been such a great addition to our family! 
My new nephew was born a month early and had a few issues that landed him two weeks in Special Care. My sister and I made a short little trip to Texas to help the family out and celebrate Thanksgiving! Got to see the new little one, his big sister, their parents and my parents too!

Favorite November Posts:

I finished up student teaching and I graduated!!!!!

Favorite December Posts:
10 Things I Wish I Were Better At
Christmas Family Photos 

I can’t wait to see what all 2014 holds for our little family. I have a feeling God has some big things in store!!!