37 Weeks and Labor!

Do I have a crazy story to tell for my 37 week update! I’m just gonna jump right in!

Saturday night (January 30th) at around 9:30 I started having REAL contractions. I could tell the difference from Braxton Hicks because these surged all the way from my lower belly around to my back. That and the fact that they actually really hurt! After quite a few I decided I better start timing them to see if this could possibly be the real thing. At this point I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced at my appointment the Tuesday before. When I began timing the contractions they were about 20 minutes apart and after a couple hours they got to about 12 minutes apart. We were told that since I was already 3cm, that we needed to get to the hospital when they got to be 15-10 minutes apart. So, we loaded up all our things and headed for the hospital. They stayed about the same distance apart on the drive, but increased in intensity a bit.

We arrived at the hospital just before midnight and were checked-in very quickly (pre-register people!). They wheeled me back to a room and right away hooked me up to some monitors. They also checked me right away and I was at 4cm now. They could see that I was having strong contractions on the monitor that were now about 8 minutes apart. I on the other hand could feel them even more now and was clinging to the bed through a few of them. They kept us for 2 more hours, checked me again and I had hardly progressed from the 4cm but was still having contractions. They called my doctor and she said to keep me until morning but not to officially admit me yet. So for about 2 more hours I was awake and having painful contractions. but they slowly began to die down. I then was able to sleep from about 3am to 6am when they came and checked me again. I was still having contractions but they were far less painful. They checked me again and I was at 5cm so they called the doctor and she said to admit me because I was having a baby today!

We were so excited and began making all the calls to our family that needed to be informed. Then at about 8:30 my doctor swung by to check on me after a surgery she had done. She saw that my contractions were less intense and told me it looked like I was at risk for a stalled labor. Since I was only in my 37th week, if labor stalled they could not break my water or induce so she said to go walk the halls to try and get contractions going again. We walked until I couldn’t any more. I had a few more contractions but they were not terrible. They hooked me back up and 2 hours later doctor came around and saw that my contractions had basically stopped at this point. They checked me again and I was still 5cm so she apologized profusely and said they were going to have to send me home.

Boy, was that disappointing! We were all excited to meet this little one and were ready to go! I was pumped up for labor and things had looked so promising for a while. Then to be sent home with no baby in our arms and to just basically be told we were to wait around… NO FUN! So we used our provided hospital meal and ate before we left while I finished my IV and then we left, feeling very defeated.

We were home for two days and I felt nothing but discomfort, no contractions or anything. I did the worst thing you can do and read all kinds of things online. The thing that terrified me the most were stories of women who were at 5cm dilated for 3 weeks or more! No, thank you!

Well, yesterday I had a regular appointment and I was so nervous that the news would be “baby will come when it’s ready, just wait patiently.” So before the appointment we went bowling and on a long walk, hoping I would progress to 6cm and they would admit me right then and there! So we go to the appointment, baby’s heart rate is great, I am measuring perfect and after she checks me I am still 5cm, 90% effaced but baby’s head is now even lower and pushing down very hard (she didn’t have to tell me that… I already knew!).

Then came the good news! She did not want me to walk around too long that far dilated so she offered for us to have an amniocentesis done to see if our little one’s lungs are fully developed. If they are, she said she would break my water that day and deliver. The Hubs and I decided that since I was only 37 weeks 4 days that we would rather not take that route yet. So after talking it over, the plan of action is to wait until my next appointment on Monday (I’ll be 38 weeks 3 days) and if I haven’t gone naturally by then we will do the amniocentesis. Or if I have progressed to 6cm by Monday, she will just admit me and break my water that day.

Basically, we will be having a baby on Monday if not sooner! Praise the Lord because this momma cannot wait too much longer in the state she is in!

What a fun story this will be to tell this child one day! I just have a feeling all this crazy stuff may be letting us see a tiny glimpse of this baby’s personality. We may be in for a crazy ride with this one! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Baby’s Room ~ A Mini Tour

So disclaimer, I do not like calling it a nursery. Not sure why, I have just never liked that word much. So we always just call it the Baby’s Room at our house. I really had dreams of having the most adorable decor in the whole world because I really care about home decor. However, this room was our guest room and is our only other room besides the master – #starterhome. So I went back and forth for along time about if I wanted to keep the guest bed in the room along with the crib. I ultimately decided that with all of our family living far away, we needed to have the guest bed in the room.

After making that practical decision I thought that I lost all chances to have a “perfect” room for our bebe. I think it turned out pretty stinkin’ cute though! It is not finished, there are still a few boy or girl touches hiding in the closet that can’t be put up until after peanut arrives. But here is what we have so far!

Also, quick shoutout to The Hubs who was actually very involved in the process of putting this room together! Best hubby ever!

Looking in from the hallway. 
We took the closet door off to make more room.

Still need crib bumper and skirt. A cute wooden pennant with baby’s initial will go under the “Dream Big Little One” sign.

Bebe will really know its ABC’s!

A big letter of baby’s initial in a boy or girl color will go above the changing table. 

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Your dad and I don’t yet know what your name will be. Sure, we have picked what we think are the perfect names for if you are a little lady or a gentleman. But we won’t know for a while which name we will use. You dad is sure you will be his “daddy’s little girl”, while I think you will be a bouncing baby boy. No matter what you are, there are some things I want you to know.

You are already so incredibly loved, beyond what you can imagine. We know basically nothing about you yet, and we like it that way! And even though we don’t know what parts you will have or what name we will call you for sure, we know that you are a part of both of us and a precious miracle from God. I am fully aware that you will keep me up for many nights creating pure exhaustion in both your daddy and I. You will cause me to get wrinkles from worry at my young age of twenty-five and you will test my patience daily. Will I be so emotional and frustrated once you arrive that I can’t help but sob? Absolutely! But when I feel you kick and wiggle around inside of me, I really could care less about all of that. We prayed for you for a long time and we have so many dreams and plans for how we will spend our lives with you by our side! I want to make you some promises while you are still in my womb, it’s always good to get these things in writing 😉

First, your daddy and I promise that we will raise you in a house that is full of God’s love. You may not know much about God right now, but he is your dad and I’s number one priority! Not only will we teach you Bible stories, songs and take you to church but we will try to model God’s love in our home daily. In everything we do. Are we great at following Jesus all the time? No. We stumble and fall and will continue to do so, but in our daily walk with God we want you to see those moments, because you will have them too someday. We will strive to teach you about grace. What a beautiful gift we are given daily from our Heavenly Father, a gift that none of us deserve. Sweet baby, we promise we will make this the utmost importance in our home, no matter what roof we live under.

Precious little one, because we have the love of Jesus in our hearts our home will be so full of love! I promise that you will not go a day without hearing “I love you” from both your daddy and I. We don’t want you to ever forget just how special you are to us. You are quite literally a gift from God and we will never stop telling him “Thank you” for your presence in our lives!

I promise that you will also always hear your daddy and I say how much we love each other. What does this have to do with you? Everything! You were created out of love and we want you to be raised in that same love your whole life. Someday we hope you grow up and will find a special someone to love, marry and start a family with. We want to give you the best example of a family that we can. In the beginning you might be jealous of daddy and my kisses and hugs for each other, then you will grow to be repulsed by them. But that won’t make us stop, because someday you will appreciate the example we were setting in those little moments.

You won’t understand this one right now and will later probably hate us for it for a time, but oh how important it is. Sweet child, I promise that we will discipline you! We will not make empty threats when you misbehave (and misbehave you will!), when we tell you to “stop or else” we will mean it! We will do this not because we want you to be unhappy and be denied your every heart’s little desire. We will do it because we want you to learn respect, self-control and to not be entitled. We are preparing you to grow up and live in this harsh world. In all honesty, the rules and expectations we have will be because we love you so fiercely, and truly want to help you grow into the best little human you possibly can!

I also promise that we will not be perfect parents. We will make so many mistakes, especially with you since you’re our first. Mistakes help us learn and we want you to learn that lesson too. And even though we will make mistakes, we will never stop trying to be the best we can be for you each and every day.

Oh little one, there are so many more promises I could make to you and as you grow and change through each new season, some of these promises will become more important. Just know sweet bebe, that God placed you in our care for a reason. He has big plans for our little family and you are the beginning of that! We love you so much peanut! Keep growing big and strong, we can’t wait to meet you!


Mommy and Daddy

Dropped the Ball…

So I missed week 28 and yesterday was the beginning of week 29 and my week coming up is CRAZY! So this is as good as it’s gonna get!

Notable changes/updates:

*I am officially in the third trimester! Home stretch people!
*I am now able to see the baby move. You know those weird alien-like movements? I love it! Along with that, baby’s kicks are getting so strong!
*I’m getting huge!
*I am all about cereal right now.
*I’m starting to get antsy to meet this precious bebe!

Only 11 more weeks!!!!

27 Weeks

Sleep: This has not been so good lately. I am waking up super achey in my joints and a few nights I have woken up and not been able to get back to sleep 😦 

Best moment this week: I have been feeling baby swim around and flip recently. The other day I felt baby distinctively swim to one side of my belly and so I felt around and there was a precious little round, hard bump that felt just like a head or booty (verdict’s still out on which one it was)! It was so cool! 

Miss anything? Being able to bend down easily or sit/lay in certain positions.

Food cravings: Still just eating anything I can get my hands on! I have been really into smoothies lately. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: Still clueless as ever! But The Hubs and I had our final “name” discussion and we are 100% settled on one boy name and one girl name. 

Symptoms: No new symptoms to report on. Same ol’ same ol’

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving break, especially the FOOD!

How’s Dad doing? Wonderful, he can’t believe next week begins my third trimester! Home stretch! 

Baby’s room: We took the door off the closet and hung a curtain and also hung a curtain in the window. Things are a mess right now from taking the door off but hopefully I will be doing some wall hanging soon and will have pictures to share! 

26 Weeks and a New Look

I spent hours the other night redesigning my blog. I am no graphic designer like The Hubs, but I know my way around photoshop fairly well and enjoy making my blog look good! 

Let me start off by saying that I cannot believe I am 2 weeks away from the 3rd trimester! Some days it feels like time is dragging on, but overall it is truly flying by! Cannot wait to meet this precious baby! 

Maternity clothes? Yes! And these pants from Macy’s are the best ever! Cute and comfortable! I got them in dark green and went back for the blue pair because I loved them so much! 

Sleep: Still sleeping well but I am told that might end soon 😦

Best moment this week: Getting another great report at the doctor! Baby has a strong heartbeat, my weight gain and belly growth are perfect for this stage and things are moving along smoothly! So relieved every time I go and get a great report! 

Miss anything? Being able to bend down easily. I have resorted to having my students pick things up for me now. It is just getting harder and harder to maneuver myself in some ways. 

Food cravings: Basically everything tastes good right now. Give me all the food! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: No clue, but I sure am excited to find out in February! A random lady on the elevator at the doctor’s office said “you’re having a boy aren’t you!”. She was shocked to hear we weren’t finding out. 

Symptoms: Nothing new to note this week. 

Looking forward to: A day with my sister shopping at IKEA!!!! 

How’s Dad doing? Great! He is getting a bit antsy about meeting the little peanut though. I love to see him so excited! He is going to be the best dad ever! 

Baby’s room: No new progress has been made lately. I am excited to start hanging some things on the wall in the coming weeks though! 

25 Weeks

We got the crib built and rearranged the baby’s room so I had to change the location of the bumpdate pictures. 
Maternity clothes? I got to go shopping this weekend and pick up a bunch of my own maternity clothes! I will most definitely still be wearing all the hand-me downs but it is nice to have some clothes that I picked out and that fit me perfectly! 
Sleep: I am sleeping really well but I wake up very sore and achey. 

Best moment this week: I gotta say, the shopping spree was pretty great 🙂

Miss anything? Being able to get comfortable and stay that way. 
Food cravings: Still loving the pop tarts and the other day I was REALLY wanting a PB&J but we were out of peanut butter. I sort of felt like crying… is that too dramatic?
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: No clue, but I sure am excited to find out in February! 

Symptoms: Thanks to the recommendation of a friend I got myself some Prevacid and my heartburn is GONE! It was seriously the worst, so glad that’s gone! 
The other day I saw the baby move around slightly, it was crazy cool!
Looking forward to: I have some big doctors appointments coming up. Next week I go for my strep test and possibly another ultrasound so they can get better views of the baby’s spine. Baby was not cooperating last time, they said what they saw looked great but they may do another to get the views they missed. I sort of hope they do! 
Then at 28 weeks I have to go in for my glucose test and Rhogam shot (my blood is Rh negative). 
I always love the doctors appointments because it helps me feel at ease that everything is fine and baby is growing strong and healthy. 

How’s Dad doing? Wonderful! He was a champ at putting together his old crib with no instructions! He even rigged it up so it is no longer a drop-side crib and is way safer. He also would like everyone to know that he was the one who had the idea to do the bumpdate photos in front of the crib and he arranged the mouse and bear in the picture himself 🙂 Love that man! 

Baby’s room: Pretty much finished now that the crib is built, everything is painted and furniture is arranged. There is NOTHING on the walls yet but that will change after my sister and I go to IKEA this weekend! 

24 Weeks and Chewbacca

So I missed week 23… oops! But after being harassed by my mother I am back with week 24! 

Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively wearing maternity clothes. Nothing else fits! Until last week I had only bought one maternity item myself. Then I hit up Zulily and broke down and ordered some things of my own. 
Sleep: Been sleeping great lately! Yay!

Best moment this week: Since in my last bumpdate I posted about being nervous about our big ultrasound, I better report on that! Everything looked perfect! We got those amazing pictures of baby’s profile and got to see lots of movements. Baby was yawning a lot and that was so cool to see. The ultrasound machine even got kicked once! Baby is measuring right along with my due date and has a strong heart rate at 156bpm! 24 weeks also means baby is viable which is a huge relief! 

Also, we had a Halloween party at our house and the bump got all dressed up! We did a family Star Wars theme that included my bump as The Death Star, Kira as Princess Leia and Rigby as an Ewok! Collin’s shirt is Darth Vader on a surfboard. 

Miss anything? My appetite in the evening. My heartburn is so bad it makes me not want to eat. 
Food cravings: Apples and pop tarts.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I pretty much feel sick all evening after like 4:00 because my heartburn kicks in. It is no fun to feel like you’re about to throw up all night 😦 They say heartburn means our baby will have lots of hair, well if that’s true our baby is going to be Chewbacca! 

Gender: Still going to hold strong until February! 

Symptoms: HEARTBURN! 
Looking forward to: Another appointment next week. I always love going in, hearing the heartbeat and getting the news that all is well!

How’s Dad doing? Great! He has now seen and felt multiple kicks and he loves it! 

Baby’s room: My sister helped paint the crib so all we need to do is put it together. We decided to rearrange the room a bit so we need to actually do that. All we need furniture wise is a glider and we are set! I am excited to start decorating! My sister and I have an IKEA trip planned which should prove to be very… successful 😉 

22 Weeks

This week I still took my picture because I love looking back and seeing the progress and belly growth, but I won’t be sharing any “details”. Not much has changed from the weeks before and as I find myself getting further along in this pregnancy, there is something I want to share. 

Today, October 15th, is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Prior to getting pregnant I rarely heard about people suffering early miscarriages. I knew it happened, and occasionally some brave woman would share her story, but it really seemed to be almost something that was meant to be kept secret. It wasn’t until I had my own miscarriage that I realized just how common they are. 

Yes, this is not my first pregnancy. Collin and I were the parents to a sweet baby for only 9 short weeks before learning we had lost it. Never in a million years did I think that miscarriage would be a part of my story. When we went in for our ultrasound and were told the baby was not growing right and had no heartbeat, there are no words to adequately express how I felt. After processing the whole situation I could more easily put a word to my emotions, and the word at the time was…


I immediately felt the loss of something I didn’t even really know, but yet still felt so connected to and in love with. It is hard to explain the almost instant bond that is formed when you see those two little pink lines. I started to dream and plan and wonder all about the sweet baby I was carrying inside. Of course after telling Collin we were both so elated and started to dream and plan together. Sadly, we only had 4 weeks of dreaming about that baby’s future. 

I know that Collin went through his own range of emotions and was deeply hurt by the sudden loss, and he was so amazing through the whole thing, but part of me felt like I was the only one who truly understood the true pain that was happening. After just having told our families of the great news, we had to turn right back around and deliver the heartbreaking news. For about a week I felt so alone and lost and went through so many wild emotions I had never experienced before. I really felt like there was no one who could understand what I had gone through. But slowly, as more close friends and family heard the news, I learned of others who had gone through miscarriages and had powerful, encouraging words to offer. 

I couldn’t help but wonder why so many of these women had never told anyone or spoken about it. I felt a form of immediate relief each time I learned of a new person who had been in that place. I didn’t feel so alone any longer and each person offered me the hope that I would not feel heartbroken forever. My spirits were lifted just from knowing that there were other women in my life that had walked that terrible path and come out better on the other side. 

Others offered me kind words, scriptures, prayers, and most of all… true understanding. That is a huge part of what got me through. I stopped having thoughts of it being my fault or anger toward God for letting me go through that. I realized that we simply live in a broken world and terrible things happen, but there is redemption and healing. Just knowing I had support made a world of difference. 

But somehow I still found myself keeping my miscarriage a secret. Partly because I didn’t want to look like I was begging for pity. But also because I still felt like it was almost offensive to talk about and may bother others. So for 11 months I kept it hidden from everyone but close friends and family. It wasn’t until I recently read this article that I felt compelled to share my story. 

There is a quote in the article that says;

“There is something so important and so healing for myself and other parents who have lost children to be able to share that child’s story.” 

After reading that line I realized that part of the reason I felt so alone during the months after my miscarriage is because no one knew about that sweet baby I had carried. It was almost like I was ashamed of it and was diminishing its memory. After all, Collin and I loved that baby. We even got to name it at the hospital after my surgery. Selah, which means to pause and reflect, which we do many times when we think about that precious creation. I don’t want any woman to feel alone like I did, or ashamed to talk about their experience. And every life, no matter how small, deserves to be celebrated!

Knowing you aren’t the only one who has gone through that can really change your mindset and start some of the healing process. 

God is faithful and He is for us! He is on our side and places people in our lives to help us through tough times. So many of the women who shared their stories with me have no idea how much it helped me heal. I hope that by being brave and sharing my story I can possibly help someone else who is feeling alone in the struggle of miscarriage. Hang in there! Healing is real, and chances are, God has a great ending in mind to your story! 

My story ends so happily! Five months after we lost that first sweet baby we found out God had blessed us with another. The fear of losing this baby comes and goes, but ultimately we are just rejoicing in the new life that God has placed in our care. I can tell you one thing, this precious baby is going to be loved a whole lot extra because we know how short life can be and what a blessing this little one is!

21 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively wearing maternity pants. Mixing it up with regular and maternity shirts.
Sleep: Been pretty good lately, I think mostly because I have been so busy and therefore so exhausted. 

Best moment this week: A change of plans landed me a day off of work. I used it to buy a few things for the baby’s room and just relax!
Also, The Hubs and I went to a Ben Rector concert in St. Louis and out to eat at Pi Pizza. Such a fun Thursday night date and baby’s “first” concert!

Miss anything? A non-aching back! 
Food cravings: I have been really thirsty lately so I have been drinking tons of water (go me!). I am basically eating anything in sight. I get real hungry about 9:00 each morning so I snarf something down in my classroom before picking my kids up from special class. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? The Hubs burnt some eggs again. He is now banned from making eggs!

Gender: Still going to hold strong until February! But I’m starting to think boy… not sure why, just a feeling. 

Symptoms: STRONG baby kicks! They are no longer just flutters but distinct little kicks and I LOVE them! I am starting to pick up on the baby’s active times of the day so hopefully soon, Collin will get to feel a kick! 
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound in 3 days! Prayers that all goes well and the report on baby is that it is growing perfectly strong and healthy! 

How’s Dad doing? Great! He is getting anxious to feel a kick. The little peanut is a bit of a turd. I will feel a kick and quickly lift up my shirt to try and see the next one and what do you know… no kicks. A couple minutes after I quit looking and I will feel some kicks. We may have an ornery one on our hands! 

Baby’s room: Big progress has been made! See below! My sister is coming over this weekend to help me paint the crib (Collin’s baby crib!). We are leaving the guest bed in there so we can still have family over to stay. Lots of things to be done still and many things that need a new permanent home, but we are making progress!