Church Skipper

I wrote this post for our churches’ social media, but wanted to share it here too!

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I used to be a church-skipper. Not just when I was sick, was out of town, or had another legitimate reason I couldn’t make it.

Nope, some Sundays I just didn’t feel like going. So I didn’t. Maybe I was tired and wanted a few extra hours of sleep. Or I had a busy weekend and needed the day to get things done. Some days I just didn’t feel like sitting through a sermon. At the time I thought those were legitimate reasons to not show up.

It really wasn’t until I became a mom that I started to view church and my attendance differently.

I started to see that my children were watching what our family did. If I regularly skipped church for silly reasons, they might do the same when the choice was theirs. That began my heart change.

What really turned it all around for me was changing my perspective: Church wasn’t an event put on for me. I was not there to be personally served or entertained. It wasn’t all about convenience and my happiness.

No. What that building is for is worship. To give God just an hour of my time. An hour I focus all my attention and admiration on Who He is and what He has done.

The music is to offer praise to God for what He continually does for us all.
The sermon is to teach us more about Christ, His life, and how we can live more fully for Him.
Those other people in the seats are a community that supports and loves each other.

So the next time you think about skipping church, ponder these things. Christ gave His life for us, we can surely offer Him one hour of our week.

“For where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20

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