Nora Speaks | Vol. IV


Just some more great Nora quotes I want to remember! She is one funny gal!


Nora gets 10 minutes of “book time” before naptime and bedtime. This simply means she gets to look at books before she has to go to sleep. One night she came out of her room before her time was up and declared to me and Collin, “Mom, Dad. There’s bad news in my room. My books are sliding and sloppy!”


Nora and Ivy were playing together across the room while I sat on the couch. Out of nowhere Nora said so sweetly, “Ivy, you’re the best Ivy because you love me all day long. You fill my heart with love!” Talk about a melted momma-heart!


Nora set the record straight one day by letting me know that, “Princess don’t have boobs. them just has bellies. Even Aurora.”


Collin was putting Nora down for bed one night and I was applying a purple facemask for a little pampering. Nora saw me (she has seen me wear it before), and commented on how crazy I looked. While Collin was putting her down she said, “Tomorrow when I wake up I am gonna hide from mommy all day.” When Collin asked why she said, “Cause she’s scary now!”


Nora had a big scene of toys set up and Ivy was quickly approaching. Nora told Ivy “no” but Ivy got ahold of something anyway. I heard Nora frantically yell, “Mom can you get Ivy outta this problem?”


I had curled Nora’s hair one day just for fun, she kept looking at herself in the mirror and admiring it. As soon as she woke up from her nap that afternoon she ran to the mirror and said, “I’m just seeing if I’m regular Nora.” I asked what that means and she responded, “Cause right now with curls I’m just someone I don’t know!”


We were driving to the park one mornig and I caught Nora picking her nose in the mirror. I told her to stop picking her nose and then asked where she was gonna put the booger. She very honestly responded, “On my nother finger then my blanket.”


Nora has decided that someday she would like three brothers and three more sisters (#notgonnahappen). She has also chosen a few names she thinks we should consider when they arrive.

Boys: Landswaimp and Lady and the Tramp

Girls: Sooken and Cinderella Aurora


A lunch time conversation:

Nora: What do bears eat mom?

Me: oh they like fish, and some plants and berries.

Nora: Berries? That’s not good!

Me: Why not? They like berries.

Nora: No! Bears are not supposed to take our human food. They will come, take it from our gardens and that’s bad! Those are our groceries!



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