Bits + Pieces II

Bits and pieces of our life lately…



| Collin and I went on a date. Like a real date, dinner, dessert, and bookstore. We are pretty sure it was only our second since Ivy has been born. We both decided they need to happen far more often. I’m just crazy about this guy, and sometimes I just need him to myself!

| We had a wonderful and hectic Easter Sunday. Since Collin is a pastor Sundays are rarely relaxing. I also sing or volunteer in the children’s ministry almost every Sunday so things can get wild. Easter was no different. I sang at both services, and Collin was more needed than ever as a pastor. But there is just something sweet about Easter, no matter how crazy it gets. I just love celebrating what my Savior did for us all!

| We have been spending so much time outside. Every day with sunshine, or at least no rain, we are outside for as long as possible. My gals just love being outside, especially if there is water involved!



| Oh Ivy Corinne. In some ways I feel this girl may do me in! She has such a strong personality and can be so hard to please at times. She’s unpredictable and I don’t feel like I have any control with her (which this control freak hates!) But gosh is she also so sweet. We joke that she is a living sour patch kid. First she’s sour, then she’s sweet. She might be a raging turd at times, but she is also the cuddliest and sweetest at times too. And oh is she ever cute!

| Ivy has been walking since she turned 10 months, so she’s pretty good at it now. However, the introduction of shoes and outside terrain has proved to be a new challenge for her at times. She had a little wipe-out outside on the patio that gave her a pretty good scrape on her elbow. Doctor Daddy to the rescue! He was so sweet with her, and Ivy is a shockingly good patient!

| I have been in a new morning routine the past few weeks and it has been so life-giving! I am waking up early to go on walks with the dogs, showering and getting ready before the girls wake up, and getting to just enjoy mornings again. More on that later (well, maybe… I have good intentions anyway), but it has been so nice!

| These gals. I’m just so blessed to call them mine.



| We got a new porch swing a few weeks ago. It was perfect timing for the amazing spring weather we have been having! I sit and swing for a little after my walk each morning, and the girls love to climb up with me when we play outside. Thank you Way Day sale!

|I have been getting so lucky with new recipes lately. I tried two in a row recently and both are now going to become regulars in the Smith household! This Pesto Chicken Tortellini was so easy and so good!

|Ivy has really begun to enjoy books more and more in the last few weeks. She is slowing down, really looking at the pictures, and love to turn the pages over and over. I sure hope I have another book-lover on my hands! There are so many good ones I want to introduce her to!

| One morning after my walk, I was out on the swing and Collin brought me a sweet visitor who had woken up a little early. Ivy hung out with momma and spent her time climbing on top of the picnic table. Relaxing time over.

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