Family Sabbath

Monday is our family’s Sabbath. We are all home together and are intentional about making the most of that time. We do some special things that are just for that day, but mostly we just enjoy time together, unplugged, focused. It’s been so life-giving!

I woke up early and walked the dogs. I’ve been going on 6am walks and praying or listening to worship music. I highly recommend.

When I got home Ivy and daddy were up, and shortly after Nora joined us. Family time kicked off the way so many of our mornings do… with books on the couch. Daddy was the reader today, while I worked on breakfast!

Sleeping Cinderella is a favorite of our big gal. If you know a little girl who likes princesses, this is the book for her!


We do a “special breakfast,” something we don’t typically eat. This day I made a Breakfast Braid and we had some fruit. And Dynamite Coffee. Always Dynamite Coffee.


These three do this thing where they put their hands up to their ears and pretend they are on a three-way call. Ivy usually starts it and it’s the cutest thing. So glad I captured it perfectly.


Ivy doesn’t look too happy in this picture, but I think she was just pretending her feet were stinky. A game her and daddy love to play. These two look a lot alike and I think you can see it in this picture.


After breakfast was done, daddy went outside to do a little work. Nora and I sat at the table and chatted. I sipped my coffee and she educated me on all things princess. She’s by far my favorite three-year-old!


After breakfast and chit-chat Collin needed to reinstall the car seats. He had cleaned out both cars the day before (he does this about every 3-4 months and it is such a nice treat!) and never put them back in.

Us gals joined. Ivy and Nora played with rocks until Ivy saw the church, then she was a goner!


Time to head back home family! We enjoyed the rest of our Sabbath together.

I love these moments. I love these people. Thank you Jesus!


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