Slow & Ordinary

Most Sunday mornings around here are anything but slow and relaxing.

Typically we are rushing around to get all four of us ready, fed, and out the door by 7:15 knowing we will be staying next door at church for about 5 hours. It’s pretty hectic.

Collin has to go for obvious reasons (he’s the pastor), and I sing about three Sundays a month. We are lucky to have a great team of friends who help wrangle our girls while we rehearse and prepare for two services each Sunday. They are lifesavers who help things go smoothly for us!

There are however some days where Sunday morning gets to just be ordinary for us gals.

Slow and ordinary.

We wake up whenever we want, play, have an unrushed breakfast, get dressed, Ivy gets her usual morning nap, play some more and then we walk over to church together.

I love volunteering at church, but I relish in these slow ordinary Sunday mornings where I just get to be a regular ‘ol church-goer.

Here are some little moments from this Sunday morning. Thank you Jesus for every day, but Sunday is special!



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