Almost Perfect

I try not to use the word perfect too much.

It’s unattainable.

Only God is perfect. Nothing and no one else ever will be.

But this day was pretty close to perfect.

Almost perfect, if you will.


Daddy went into work a little later and spent his morning snuggling the girls and reading books. I got a little peace and quiet first thing in the morning which is rare.

I love seeing Collin with his gals. He is the best daddy. So loving, attentive, and the fun one for sure!


My girls were in their strawberry jams (as we call them) and looking extra cute! I am a sucker for a good pair of coordinating themed jammies!


After Collin left for work the girls got an afternoon bath. We’d had a late night the day before and they missed their bath night. So I plopped them in the tub and just let them play for a while before washing ’em up. Is there anything cuter than babies in the bath?

Nora requested they wear dresses for the day.

We picked out the perfect ones, and they sure looked pretty!


It was a rainy day and had been for the last few, so we made a pallet on the floor and watch a Winnie the Pooh movie.

We rarely do shows or movies to they are a big treat in this house. It also means that Nora is literally sedentary for the whole film. Eyes glued to the screen. We remind her to blink.

Ivy has seen maybe two shows/movies in her life and she could care less. She watched for the two minutes it took for me to get these pictures, then spent her time rolling around on the pallet and bugging Nora.


I honestly don’t remember what we did the rest of the day, but I know these pictures bring up the sweetest feelings in me.

It truly was almost perfect.

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