Bits + Pieces

Bits and pieces of our life lately…



| Mary Poppins appears frequently in our house still. I really don’t know what inspires Nora each day, but some days she is just feelin’ the Mary Poppins vibe! So she puts on her outfit and goes with it!

| I have a newfound love for fresh flowers and making little arrangments! Ever since Ivy’s “Flower Patch” birthday party, I have loved having fresh flowers in the house! I buy a $10 Wal-Mart bouquet and make about four-five mini arrangements from it! They last about two weeks!

| Speaking of flowers, Nora and I planted a bunch of wildflowers in two little corners of our yard a few weeks ago. It’s the kind you just scatter everywhere and hope for the best! We have quite a few sprouts already popping through!

| The weather had been so great here! Still so mild, but lots of sun! We go outside multiple times a day, and there is usually a snack involved. Do anyone else’s kids just love having a snack outside?



| I’m still committed to reading #hiswordeveryday! I have missed some days here and there, and not every day is “moving” me. However, I have noticed such a change in my day-to-day attitude and mindset when I am daily in God’s Word.

| Ivy is the definition of a hot-mess! That girl has so many emotions and can flip a switch in seconds! She is also our adventurer! She loves to climb, explore, and get into absolutely everything. Recently her favorite thing to do is unravel the toilet paper and go all over the house with it. It’s fun for one of us…

| Stories with dad are simply the best. Collin loves reading to the girls when he is home. It gives me a nice break from the piles of books I read them each day!

| Just so much outside time lately! My gals are lovers of the great outdoors. Spring is my favorite!

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