365 Days

Any other moms out there stay up way too late after the kids go to bed to look at pictures of them?

Just me?

Well, I am guilty of doing this far too often.

I love to look back at all the old pictures of my girls. It’s bittersweet as I love to remember those days, but it also makes me feel the sting of time. It goes way too fast!

I was up looking at pictures from when Nora was a baby the other night, and was stopped in my tracks at a picture taken right around her second birthday. She did not look like her baby-self at all! It gave me the idea to show her growth over her three years.

I searched and found pictures from right around her birthdays each year. Seeing them side-by-side really depicts how much growth a child does in those short 365 days!

It is so hard to imagine Ivy looking as old as Nora does in her two-year picture in just one year from now, but I know she will.

Cue tears.


Nora birth to three years old.

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