My Girls

I just love the ages my girls are right now.

One and three are both fun in their own ways. Their ages bring some obvious differences, but their personalities do too. I love seeing them do their own thing because they have different little interests. They also love to be together though!

They can finally “play” together which has been so fun to watch. I am loving seeing their little relationship form and grow each day.

They definitely already fight in their own way, and I know it’s just the beginning of that. Luckily most of the time they get along great and share really well. I like to tell them that they are “such devoted sisters” just like the song from White Christmas. Nora repeats that to me often and it’s so sweet.

Seeing their sweet little sisterhood and their individuality is one reason I am so glad I have the chance to stay home with them each day.



One thought on “My Girls

  1. susansnodgrass says:

    You are indeed blessed to stay home with your girls. When our Leigh was born, I stayed home with her and I never regretted one moment of it, even though we didn’t have a lot and had to forgo some things, though nothing that mattered. It’s something you will always treasure.


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