Best Day

You know those days that are simpy the best?

You maybe can’t put your finger on why they were so great, they just were!

Well we had one of those days recently. It was a Monday, so it was Collin’s day off. It was the day before Ivy’s first birthday so I think we were just feeling extra blessed.

I didn’t get many pictures because we were so busy having fun, but some highlights are below!

I made matching headbands for Nora and me!

“Journaling” in bed with my girls after a mid-day bath, and a whole family nap!

We got the TV out for March Madness this week. So we took advantage of the “treat” and watched a movie with our gals! Popcorn and jelly beans for the bigs, a strawberry cereal bar and crackers for Little Tiny.

Our night ended with a sleeping baby, Nora and Daddy dancing around the living room to the credits, and after Nora went to bed Collin and I talked and laughed at old memories in bed until we cried.

It was a good, good day.


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