Life Lately

March has been so wonderful! Spring has slowly sprung this year, making it that much sweeter. The girls are seeming to grow so fast lately, and I’m afraid to blink! I’m looking forward to the coming months and summer, but I’m remembering to savor each day that I will never get back!

|Lots of crafts and learning happening at our house with Nora. I don’t do any formal “preschool” with her because I personally don’t believe kids need that this young, but I am being more intentional about doing some teaching with her! She is a sponge and soaks up everything she hears! If you see her, ask her what makes stems and leafs green!

|These two are the best of friends. Ivy loves to rough house and Nora doesn’t know how to be gentle. So there are lots of “wrestling” matches around here lately!

|I completed a ton of house projects. I have a few more things I want to do, but I’m giving our bank account a little break. 😉

| I made some pumpkin muffins the other day. I tweaked the recipe a bit and halved it since it was new. About three days after I made these, I made them again and DID NOT half the recipe! I will share soon. Best ever!

| I am still so in love with the chalk wall! So much fun is had right in this spot! It’s messt as can be, but oh so worth it!

| Our little church is thriving and just full of life lately! We love that God has placed us here. One of my favorite things in walked to church with my girls!

| We read so many books in this house. Reading just changes a kid. We have so many books of our own, and we go to the library once a week and check out ten new books to read! Nothing better than a gal (or two) on my lap and good book!

| I took this picture and wrote how much I love Ivy’s three-toothed smile. Literally a week later we found three more teeth that had just popped through! So now she has a six-toothed smile!

| Spring is really here, and despite the rainy days here and there we have been getting outside enjoying the sunshine!

| Told ya those muffins were good!

| We broke the TV out for March Madness and had to take advantage and do a movie night with the girls! They loved it! I like that TV and movies can be special treats because we do them so rarely!

| She’s one. I still can’t believe it. I love her so!


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