#hiswordeveryday | Prayer + Journals + Books

Here is a compiled list of all the journals and books I shared over the last two weeks for #hiswordeveryday.

I have also added a few other journals I found online. Hopefully, this list gives you lots of ideas and options to strengthen your prayer life!


Prayer Journals


|Val Marie Prayer Journal|

These are the journals I shared in my stories. They have monthly sections that break down your prayers by category. A great resource to help guide your prayer each time you come to talk with God.

|The Prayer Map for Women|

This prayer journal is exactly what it sounds like. Each section helps you map our your prayers, offering different areas of prayer. It is so cute inside and adds a lot of detail and specifics to your time praying.


| 100 Day Prayer Journal|

This beautiful prayer journal contains 100 days worth of pages to take notes and record your prayers. It is incredibly simple which leaves open may options for how to use it. A great way to jot down your prayers and guide your prayertime!



Bible Journals


| Give Me Jesus Journal |

This is my favorite resource for journaling while reading through the Bible. It guides you through studying God’s word and helps you to dig deeper. It’s also incredibly beautiful!


| Illuminated Scripture Journals |

These journals simply house Scripture and pages for notetaking. A great option for studying a book of the Bible deeply!


| Bible Study Journal |

A very simple option to help you reflect on passages of Scripture you read. Short and sweet, but helps you think deeper!



|Women of the Word By Jen Wilkin |

This book is amazing! It talks about the importance of knowing God’s Word, as well as teaches you how to study the Bible! Click here to download the book for FREE! 

| Fall in Love with Your Bible and Stay in Love By Shana Noel |

This book offers 10 compelling ways for Bible reading and study that make it easy and even exciting! Lots of practical help and good advice!

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