Nora Speaks | Vol. III


All kids have those funny little things they say. Things that only a kid could come up with or deliver that special way! I never want to forget Nora’s little funnies, so I write them down! I typically write them in my phone, and I’ve been waiting until I had enough to make a post! Well I’ve got plenty now! This gal is a hoot!

I handed Nora a pair of her and Ivy’s jammies and told her to put them in the hamper in the bathroom. She looks at me quizzically and says, “Um, them probably belong in our rooms mom.”

Nora was playing while a Hallmark Christmas movie was on at Grammy and Pa’s house.  A man was making a speech and yelled, “Merry Christmas Everyone!” real enthusiastically. To which Nora returned the enthusiasm with a loud, ” And Merry Christmas to you son!”

Nora in response to seeing some beautiful Christmas lights while we were driving. “Mom look, it’s so beautiful it makes my heart come true!” Said in the most dramatic voice you can imagine!

During the reading of the Christmas story at my side’s Christmas celebration, Nora was very aggressively picking at her butt. I assumed she needed to poop as this was often a sign in her early potty training days. I quietly asked if she needed to poop. She very loudly answers, “No I just have a booty cwack!” Booty crack is what she calls a wedgie!

While we’re already on the topic of potty humor I’ll just get this one out of the way. On days I don’t get a shower before Collin leaves for work, I shower while Ivy takes her morning nap. Nora just plays on her own with no issues. One morning I was in the shower and Nora come rushing in the bathroom. She said she needed to poop. She is still desperately in need of a final wipe (which was confirmed after this event), but since I was in the shower I let her do it herself. While turning around to wipe she excitedly screams, “Mom! I made a loooooooooong fish!”

Often when I am dishing out snacks for Nora I will steal a bite and say, “Momma Tax!” Nora has become very accustomed to this. One day we were both having a pack of fruit snacks. Nora had already devoured hers, and I had about four left. She leans in real close and whispers very seriously, “Wanna do a Nora tax?”

Randomly at lunch one afternoon Nora exclaims, “Jesus makes Christmas fancy!”

We were driving home after running errands one afternoon, and Nora said she needed to pee really bad! We were like two minutes from home so I told her to hold it! We pulled up to the house and I rushed to get her out. While unfastening her straps I said, “Let’s get you inside so you don’t have an accident!” To which Nora confidently said, “Yea, when I get inside I’m gonna have an accident on the potty!”

3 thoughts on “Nora Speaks | Vol. III

  1. Bonnie olive says:

    I’m glad you are writing down her words. They are so cute. And I liked the one your. Mom told about her time out. Alexa cancel time.
    Thank you for posting.
    I’m a great grandma and live alone so it’s a blessing and treat to read.


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