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I want to make sure and always put together a big post with any resources I share! I know it makes it so much easier to be able to come to one location and always find anything I mentioned! It also helps that you don’t have to have 10,000 followers to add links on a blog post! So even little o’ me can link to each and everything I shared!

I am going to link to each company or person’s website I mentioned as well as each individual study I shared!

|She Reads Truth|

|Studies Shared|

Open Your Bible

Psalms of Gratitude




|Well-Watered Women|

|Study Shared|

Proverbs 31 (Cover has been changed)


|Jen Wilkin FREE Studies|

|Studies Shared|

PDF Download Page


|Daily Grace Co. |

|Studies Shared|

For this company, I did not share any specific studies. So I am linking two I have heard are great! 

Amen – From Eden to Eternity 

Wait – A Study of Psalms 


2 thoughts on “Bible Studies | #hiswordeveryday

  1. Tobi A Layton says:

    I downloaded Jen Wilkin’s James Bible study and am enjoying it so far, but what I really love on her site is her parenting audio series! It’s amazing!!!! I even think I’m going to go back and re-listen to it a second time with my Child Development students in mind. There’s a lot of practical advice there that could apply even without the great Biblical foundation. Thanks for introducing me!


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