Bible Reading + Notetaking Resources

This is going to be the motherload of resources for Bible reading! I have broken things into three sections so you can easily find what you may be looking for!

I pray that these resources will help you dig deep into God’s Word! If you have any questions please let me know!

You can also click here to get to my Bible Study Pinterest board for some more ideas and resources!

| Bibles |

There are so many options for Bibles these days! It’s great to have options and be able to find just what you need. I want you to know that all you need is a Bible. Any Bible! So don’t feel like you need a fancy, special one to start knowing God more. Any Bible will do! But below are a few fun options of different kinds!

She Reads Truth Bible

This is the Bible I use and love! Not only is it beautiful, and offers lots of room for notetaking (which I love to do), but it has so many other helpful features like timelines, devotions, reading plans and more! It comes in multiple colors too!

Beautiful Word Journaling Bible

This gorgeous journaling Bible has colored verse pages inside, as well as lined journaling sections throughout. A great option if you are looking for beautiful and practical!

CSB Study Bible

This is a study Bible and offers study notes, introductions, questions and applications right below the text. A great option if you need a little extra to help you understand, or you simply want to go deeper!

Hosana Revival Journaling Bible

I had to share a Bible from this amazing company! They make gorgeous journaling Bibles! They even have some that are hand painted originals! They are gorgeous!


| Bible Reading Plans |

You don’t need a “plan” to read God’s Word. All you really need is to open it up and start reading! However, if you have plans to read through the whole Bible, having details helps keep you on track. It’s also great to have a timeline to keep you truckin’ along! The plans below are just a small sampling of those out there. Google and Pinterest are your friends!

Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan

This is actually a 3-year reading plan that breaks your Bible reading into “small chunks!” It helps you get through the Bible at a slower, but manageable pace. By the end of the plan you will have read through the whole Bible! It’s free and beautiful!

Bible in 100 Days

This plan takes you through the Bible in just 100 days chronologically! It involves quite a bit more reading per day, but is a great plan to get you through quickly for comprehension!


Printable Bible in a Year Reading Plan

This is a free Bible in a year reading plan! Print it out, and you can be done reading the Bible in a year!

Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s Bible Reading Calendar

This printable ain’t pretty, but I love this plan! It is the one I am doing that is in the back of my She Reads Truth Bible. I love that you get to read two chapters from the Old Testament and two from the New Testament each day.

Topical Bible Reading Plans

If you’re not aiming to read through the whole Bible just yet, I found an amazing website that had free topical reading plans. There are Bible reading plans for friendship, fear, peace, and so much more. This would be a great place to start if you are new to reading Scripture. The link takes you to the first page of (many) topical Bible reading plans!

| Bible Note-taking |

Some people love to take notes when reading the Bible, while others don’t write a single thing when studying. You don’t have to take notes, but it is a great way to make notes for later, keep you focused, and pull out meaningful text. When I take notes I simply write what I am feeling or thinking while reading. I highlight or underline passages that speak to me. There are many other methods and resources to guide your note-taking and I have linked a few below.

Kay Arthur’s Note Symbols

This note-taking method is intense! It gives you a certain symbol to use when you come upon certain things in Scripture. It definitely takes a lot of time and attention to detail, but for some people, this is just what they may want/need!

Color Coding Notes

I really like this printable. It’s subtle and gives a really great description of how to use the code. A great option if you love to color code!

Highlighter Color Code

This color coding printable and key is simple and accessible! With a smaller number of colors it makes it a great option to start with. It was also designed to go with the classic colors of every highlighter pack! So easy!


Risen Motherhood Inductive Bible Study Printables

This printable set offers some amazing resources for doing the inductive method of Bible study! It walks you through how to inductively study the Bible and offers helpful tools for free!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hi, Tavia! Thank you for sharing the Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan with your readers in this wonderful collection of Bible reading plans. You gathered a nice selection for readers to choose from. Blessings to you!

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