Wednesday Letters

I usually write my letters on Tuesdays, but I’m behind. Hope you don’t mind if I write them today…

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Dear Ivy,

Sweetheart, darling girl. Do you think you could please go back to your normal happy self? These past two weeks of clingy, cranky Ivy have not been momma’s favorite. I’m not sure if you are gettin’ teeth, going through a leap, or just decided you never want to let me go, but either way I miss the old you. It’s okay to play without being able to see me. You can have fun without me in the same room. You would enjoy life a whole lot more with all the toys on the floor than you will in my arms. Let’s work on it okay?

P.S. I know you think that picture above fooled everyone, but they can read the letter too.

(Spoiler alert! I wrote this last week and for the past 3 days she has been a pure delight!)

Dear Missouri Weather,

What in the world is your deal? I think you are giving us all whiplash with your sudden changes. What season is it anyway, cause I cannot tell. I would like to formally put in a request for spring. Thank you.



Dear New Recipes from Pinterest,

I really wish you would just always be good. It’s a pretty cruel joke when I slave in the kitchen and get excited to try you. Then what happens? You’re bland, mushy, and just an all-around bust. I wish there was a way to warn me. Could you please figure that out soon? And if you’re gonna be bad, at least don’t make enough to feed an army!


Dear Laundry,

Go away. No one likes you.



Dear Nora,

Your imagination is the absolute best these days. I could watch you play for hours and never tire of what you will do next! My recent favorites include; setting up little “cities” for your characters with blocks, building towers out of paper towel rolls and water bottles, and hiding in your “clubhouse” from your baby sister who is a mean tiger.


Dear Donettes Powdered Donut Cereal,

I hope you know I just made everyone drool just by typing your name. You are no good for my waistline but so good for my taste buds. Thank you for being my latest late-night snack. Us Raney’s love cereal at night, and you sure hit the spot!



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