Five on Friday | February 8

On Fridays I like to share five of my favorite moments from the week!

Here goes!


If you know Nora then you know that one of her favorite things in the world is books! She has loved books from a young age. She requests we read to her no less than five times a day, and we almost always oblige. It makes my heart so happy when I find her like this. Just silently “reading” to herself on the kitchen floor. It really is the little things. (Notice that chalk wall? I am still crazy about it!)



These sisters had a few adorable moments together this week. Ivy has had a rough week for some reason. Not sure if it’s teething, a leap, or something else but she has been clingy and fussy! These few sweet moments in between crying were really nice.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.29.04 PM


One morning this week Nora joined me to read the Bible. She loves to use my “special highlighters” and sit next to me while I read. I always love when she joins in, it warms my heart to know she is seeing her momma draw near to God.



Ivy has been walking more an more lately. Now she chooses to walk on her own to get places and walks between furniture. The most steps I’ve seen her take are eight, but it won’t be long before she is walking all over the house!



This post couldn’t go by without mentioning that the start of #hiswordeveryday is a huge highlight this week! I am so grateful for all the support and I cannot wait to see what God does through this! Make sure and check back next week here and on Instagram for more!



Hope you have a great week! I’ll leave you with a bonus picture that just makes me smile! Ivy Corinne loves graham crackers!



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