Recently I felt God place on my heart that I needed to use my blog as well as my Instagram in a very intentional way. Sure posting pictures of my gals, good food, and cute coffee mugs is fun and not wrong (and you can certainly continue to expect that), but I have just felt lately that there should be more meaning to my “platforms.”

There is a big problem I see today, there are Christians who claim to believe the Bible is God’s Word, yet, they aren’t reading it. I wrote about that a little two summers ago in my Truth Focused Series. If you’ve been following me in any capacity for a little while then you know that I am passionate about reading God’s word. I’m also passionate about other Christ Followers doing the same, but I know it can seem daunting.

Dunting but not impossible.

The summer after Nora was born I felt that I needed to know the Bible in its entirety, seeking to understand and know God more. I had done countless Bible studies, small group studies, and even read multiple books of the Bible. But never had I read the entire Bible. I realized that I was one of those people who was saying I believed the Bible was God’s word, but I was not giving it (and Him) the time that it deserved.

For me this meant I began reading the Bible cover-to-cover. I started in June of 2016 and I am still only about 1/4 of the way through as of today. However, I am giving myself grace and I know that even if I only get a little read each day, I am still learning and being changed each time by God.

Along with reading the Bible and taking notes I also use journals, studies, apps, listen to podcasts, and other resources to deepen my knowledge of God and His word. Because of my desire to get in the word daily, I have done a whole lot of research and found some great ways to do that. I have the time to devote to that since I stay home with my girls. Time I didn’t have when I was a working mom.

That’s where this #hiswordeveryday came in! I realized that God asking me to do more for Him with my blog and social media, partnered with my collection of knowledge about Bible reading resources. It was the perfect recipe! I want to help as many women as I can begin getting into the Bible daily!

Christian author and speaker Jen Wilkin wrote a book on why studying the Bible is so important. Her book, Women in the Word, is full of tips on how to study the Bible and the reasons for the importance. I love her line that I have often heard her speak, “The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” If we know God through His word, it will translate to a greater love for Him in our hearts.

That is my heart’s desire! To encourage more people to know God better through studying His word. Then by knowing Him better, loving Him more! I know it can seem intimidating, and knowing where to begin is hard.  I am praying that I can come alongside many of you, and we can grow in our knowledge of the Bible and ultimately our knowledge of Christ together.

I will be using my blog, but also doing a lot of Instagram stories. So if you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, now would be the time!

I will be giving tips on Bible reading, note-taking, resources and ways to study the Bible. I will be sharing some amazing companies that have some great resources for studying God’s word. I’ll share some simple ways to get more scripture in your day, how to strengthen your prayer life, and so much more!

I even have some awesome giveaways planned! I want to put knowledge, resources, ideas, and tools in your hands so that you can dive deep into the Word of God! I hope to start good conversations, join each other in prayer, and make us all grow in our knowledge of the one who loves us and created us!

It is my belief that you cannot read the Bible without being changed. Let’s be changed in Jesus’ name!


Be on the lookout next week for the beginning of His Word Every Day here on Everyday Smith! Also be sure you are following me on Instagram as I will be doing stories with more information, as well as Instagram posts.

4 thoughts on “#hiswordeveryday

  1. cari30 says:

    I am so looking foreword to your posts, Tavia. I do love the Word and want to be faithful…everyday to be in it and in prayer. What gripped my heart is the quote from Jen Wilkes that you shared, “”The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” If we know God through His Word it will translate to a greater love for Him in our hearts.”


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