Chalk Wall

A wall in my kitchen was four colors in four days.

You read that right.

If I were to give you five words that describe me, “decisive” would be one of them. I am not wishy-washy. I don’t take days to make decisions. I can easily figure out what I want and typically I am very happy with my decision. I also don’t like to wait when I make a decision.

Well that didn’t quite work out for me this time.

To make a really long story short: I needed to paint a grey wall in my house because of a door frame/paint issue. So it began grey. I thought choosing a fun color was the perfect idea.

I thought yellow was the right color and that I had picked the perfect shade.

Bought the paint. Painted it and nope. Picked the wrong shade.

Next day, tried another shade of yellow. Nope also wrong. Hated it.

Then after some time on the ol’ Pinterest, I got a crazy idea to do a green chalk wall.

Yep. Green chalkboard paint on a whole wall.

Here was my inspiration.

screen shot 2019-01-26 at 3.03.46 pm

So I set to work.

I have to stop here and mention that my sweet husband was so understanding during all this. He thought I was crazy, but he was sweet.

56910446387__cb451956-fb6a-4e5e-8cae-64c5d51a5be2 2

It went pretty fast painting over the pale yellow. The hardest part of all was waiting for it to dry (7 hours), and then you have to wait 3 whole days before you can use chalk on it!

Spoiler alert… I only waited 2.5 🙂 And that almost killed me!


While we waited it made a really pretty backdrop for pictures!

Then it was finally time to chalk!


Nora has asked no less than 50 times when we could color on the wall. She took to it right away!

I didn’t want just a plain ol’ green chalk wall. I knew the girls could only reach the bottom level so I needed some decor as well.

Here was my loose inspiration…

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 10.04.11 am

So after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, here is the final product!


I am so happy with it! It makes a great backdrop for pictures, I love seeing the girl’s little drawings, and I love how colorful it is!

The girls sure do love it! Ivy’s favorite part is the chalk…


Such a fun project and really easy if you just start with the right color 😉

Yay for fun projects! Yay for chalk walls!


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