Ivy Corinne |Ten Months


Weight |19lbs 4oz
Height |29in
Diapers | Size 3
Clothes | 9-12 month clothes

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 1.29.12 pm

W H A T ‘S N E W

| Ivy started standing on her own this month. She can stand without holding onto things for a good minute and just began getting to standing with no help! She just pushes that little booty in the air and up she goes!
| Ivy has taken a few steps. She is not ready to walk yet, but I bet ya next month I’ll be reporting that we have a walker!
| Waves, claps, dances, growls, and blows zerberts.
| Just a few days ago her third tooth popped through. It’s so cute.

dsc_0532L O V E S
LOVES baths time! She is now officially out of the bath seat and loves going all over the tub with sister!
LOVES music. She has started to really notice music and dance when it comes on.
LOVES being put up on daddy’s shoulders. She smiles so incredibly big the minute she’s up there.
LOVES being tickled and climbing all over people when they lay on the ground.

HATES having her face wiped off after eating. Like so much.
HATES getting new teeth.

So glad there are more loves than hates!

E A Timg_1979

Ivy is still a great eater, she especially chows down at breakfast time. Here is a rough current eating schedule for Ivy:

7:30am – Finger foods (fruit, bread, eggs) and a bowl of oatmeal. Followed by a 4oz bottle.

11:30am – Finger foods (fruit, veggies, cheese, bread, puffs, yogurt bites etc.)  6oz bottle.

3:00pm – 6oz bottle

5:30pm Dinner (usually whatever she can eat that we are having) a fruit and veggie pouch.

6:30pm 4oz bottle




Here is Ivy’s typical daily nap/sleep schedule.

|7:00am wakes up for the day
| Morning nap around 9am. This nap lasts about an hour and a half.
| Afternoon nap around 1pm. This nap is typically two hours!
| Ivy finally cut out that evening cat nap. I miss it on nights I am trying to cook dinner with a baby clinging to my leg.
| Bedtime routine is at 7 and she goes down fast!

We are slowly implementing a 2-3-4 schedule with her and she is taking to it very well!


Ivy Corinne,

What joy you bring to our house! You are so snuggly and sweet, yet feisty and independent at the same time. You have such a strong personality that we fal more in love with each day! We loving learning who you are and getting to love on you in between. Your “Ivy Smile” is the best along with your chunky thighs, darling giggle, and giant hugs! Our love for you is strong Ivy girl! So so strong!

Ten Month Photos

img_1692img_1730img_1787screen shot 2019-01-26 at 9.06.41 amscreen shot 2019-01-26 at 9.06.56 amscreen shot 2019-01-26 at 9.07.11 amimg_1829img_1525img_1905img_1924img_1966

Look How You’ve Grown

~9 Months to 10 Months~


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