Our Love Story | Part Two

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*enjoy some old pictures from our early days as you read!

After that fateful night when we first laid eyes on one another, we were lucky to see each other many more times in the following week.

I loved the campus ministry (and not just because of the cute guy), and as Collin had casually mentioned, they were doing all kinds of events that week to kick off the school year. I went to basically everything they had and drug poor Courtney (my roommate), and a new friend who lived on our floor (Christine) along. I will admit after the volleyball game where Collin and I shamelessly flirted the whole time, I kind of began going to the events for him.

He was real charming okay!


I believe there was a volleyball game, a night with inflatables, kickball, and then there was the first weekly worship service. Collin was part of the leadership team so he had to be at everything, which I quickly figured out and took advantage of.

(Do I sound a little creepy?)

Now, while Collin and I had our share of interactions that all involved flirting, I would be doing this story an injustice if I didn’t say that there were actually three other guys who asked me out BEFORE Collin sort of asked me out (more on that in part three).

Don’t think I’m trying to brag, this had literally never happened to me in my life. It was kinda weird to have options ( I went to a very small high school so my dating “choices” were limited), but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I did at least consider one or two of the other guys too.

Apparently, college guys don’t waste much time cause I had two ask outs and another guy very blatantly hitting on me in the first three weeks at school. I prefered Collin from the get-go especially after him and his friend came to my dorm room to watch a movie with my roommate and me, and he took out our trash! He actually became known as “the guy who took the trash out” when discussing my “suitors” with my sister. haha!


So I actually ended up not going on any dates with the other guys (my brother in-law vehemently objected one of them, because the guy was a senior to my freshman and he did not like that one bit). I was pretty hooked on Collin from the start, but he hadn’t made a move ( I didn’t know about the “don’t let me date a freshman” comment).

Luckily, a few nights before my birthday we ran into Collin (I may or may not have orchestrated it), and he found out I didn’t have plans for my special day. So he asked me to go eat with him on my birthday.

That marked our first date… or did it? The verdict is STILL out that.

To be continued…


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