Currently | January 2018

cooking | I have been cooking up a storm lately. I have been menu planning so well and finding some great recipes! These Swedish meatballs were amazing and easy.
indulging | A mid-afternoon latte! Collin got me a new espresso maker for Christmas and I have been having a lot of vanilla lattes and dirty chai lattes! Yum!
hoping | A new idea I have goes as well as it looks on paper! I am so excited to share more soon!
wearing | thick socks and slippers. At the same time. My feet are always cold, and we have exactly zero carpet in our house so that doesn’t help! I scored a great pair of warm slippers from and love them. They were $5!
loving | planning both my gal’s birthday parties. We want the girls to have their own first birthday parties and then after that, they will share since they are just over a month apart. We don’t go crazy for many holidays, but I love to plan a birthday party! Pinterest and I are real close right now!
excited | for a calm month finally. November and December were so busy. We traveled a ton and rarely had a weekend free. It was really starting to wear on us all, so we declared January a no-travel month!
wanting | to replace my favorite coffee mug that broke (not the one pictured above). I have had it since Collin and I first got married, and I’m oddly sentimental about it. I have a cabinet full of mugs, but that one was my favorite…

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