Our Daily Schedule | Winter 2018

A few weeks ago I put a poll on Facebook asking you to vote on what post you wanted to see next. Our current daily schedule was the winner!

So over those past few weeks I took pictures (when I remembered) of certain parts of our day.

I know why this post won, I LOVE getting a peek into other people’s daily lives too. Why is that so fun? I don’t know but it is!

These are iphone pictures, most with no editing at all. Just raw images of our day-to-day life!

So here is what our everyday looks like around here.

*Count how many times my ridiculous looking slipper boots make an appearance. I am obsessed with them, because my feet are always cold and they keep them so warm!


6:00am | Wake up with Ivy who still hasn’t adjusted to daylight savings time and probably never will. I usually sit on the couch bundled up and she plays hard those first thirty minutes in the mornings. It’s like she missed all her toys while she was sleeping!

Currently I love my festive view while I watch Ives play!


7:00am | Everybody is awake! Daddy is back from the gym and making breakfast for us all, and the girls play together! Ivy and Nora get so excited to see each other in the mornings. It’s the sweetest! I hop in the shower and get ready while the girls play and Collin finishes up breakfast prep!


8:30am | By this time we have all eaten breakfast, Collin is heading out the door for work and cleanup begins for me! I don’t mind having a huge mess to clean up first thing when it means The Hubs did all the work making breakfast!


9:00am | Breakfast is usually all cleaned up and I put Ivy down for her morning nap. She finishes a bottle (because the girl cannot be bothered to stop playing long enough to finish a bottle in one sitting!), we rock, and sing. I get Nora all dressed and she plays while I work on random things around the house. I also often have myself a second cup of coffee or finish my cup from breakfast.

I shower, get ready, and dressed everyday because it makes me feel better about myself!


11:00am | Ivy is up by now and the girls just run-a-muck all over the house!

11:45am | Time for the lunch and nap time hustle! I give Ivy a bottle, then she sits down and has some finger foods while Nora and I have our lunch.


12:30am | Ivy usually goes down for her nap around this time. Nora gets a little longer to play and then it’s clean-up and nap time for Nora at 1. It is so nice to have them on almost the exact same afternoon nap schedule!

After the house is cleaned up I head to our room and get all cozy in bed myself. I always read the Bible first and then I might look at my phone, watch a movie/show, nap, or blog during that time. I made a decision when Nora was little so use nap time as me time rather than to get stuff done around the house. I can do those things when the girls are awake. I can’t have relaxing alone time. I wrote about that a while back here.

I often have another coffee (I love cold brew in the afternoons), and the pups snuggle up with me and take their naps too!


3:00pm | By 3 Ivy is for sure awake and we get some sweet one-on-one time! We play together until Nora wakes up which is usually about 30 minutes later.

4:00pm | Both girls are typically awake and we pass the time until daddy gets home for dinner! Once again the house gets trashed very quickly! I start dinner around 5, some nights Ivy still takes a short nap but that is becoming very rare.

5:30pm | Collin gets home and I finish up dinner while he plays with the girls making that possible. Nora is an amoeba on his side from the minute he gets home until the minute she goes to bed. She is a daddy’s girl and misses him so much while he is at work. Ivy can tag along with them now too and it’s pretty stinkin’ cute!

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