What My Girls are Getting this Christmas

Want, Need, Wear, Read.

Now I cannot take credit for this amazing idea but we have adopted it into our family! Our girls will get four gifts from us for Christmas. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read! ( I feel like Dr. Seuss)

When I first came across this idea I fell in love immediately. I like that it is not over the top. I don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars on gifts for just the girls and hopefully we will take some focus off presents and put it on Jesus and His birth!


Below is what our girls will be getting this year!

*All items linked in case you want to get them for some little gal in your life! 


Want – Fancy Nancy Figurines|Nora became obsessed with Fancy Nancy books a long time ago, we had two books and she just loved them! Then they came out with the Disney show based off the books. We don’t have TV so she had no way to watch them at the time. A little while later they put a free episode on Youtube and she got to watch it. This skyrocketed her obsession (mine too because it is so cute and stays true to the books)! Then we started listening to the soundtrack and she fell even more in love! Her favorite things to play with are little figurines so I know she will LOVE these!

Need – Shoes|Nora recently moved up a shoe size and so we bought her some boots, one pair of tennis shoes and she has one pair of hand-me down tennis shoes. So she really could use another pair! These are great neutral, slip ons!

Wear- Dress| Nora loves dresses and has a whopping total of three winter dresses in her current size. So this wear also doubles as a need! She will love this dress, and bonus that momma loves it too!

Read – Fancy Nancy Book Set|We have obtained a few more Fancy Nancy books since she fell in love, but I know she will be happy to have more! This little set was so affordable!



Want- Teacup Set| Ivy loves to play with all of Nora’s kitchen toys so I thought having her own little set would be perfect for her! Want is hard this first year when they are so little and have few distinct interests. I am sure she will enjoy this cute little set though!

Need- Sippy Cup| Nora wore out most of her beginning sippy cups so Ivy has only two right now. It’s about time for her to learn to use a straw so this was the perfect need!

Wear- Sleep Sack|So Ivy really does not need clothes since she has all of sister’s hand-me-downs. She does need a new fleece sleep sack in her size though. So this is her wear this year! Doubles as a need!

Read- Lift-a-Flap Book|Ivy is just beginning to take an interest in books and really likes books with any interactive parts. So this cute little lift-a-flap book is perfect!


Christmas is a holiday to celebrate Jesus and his birth. No doubt that is the true reason for the season. But giving gifts can be fun and really is a way to show your family you love them and have them in mind. I encourage you to think about how much you are spending and what you are making Christmas all about. Find a happy medium and then celebrate and enjoy your holiday!

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