Momma Confessions


Thank you so much to those who submitted their confessions! So nice for all of us mommas to know that we are not the only ones who do some crazy things!


One| Nora is still having some issues with going #2 on the potty. She makes it, but not before adding a few streaks to her undies. So after getting sick and tired of ruining so many pairs I started making her wear panty liners. I think I might be onto something. Seriously brilliant.

Two| My dental hygiene has really taken a hit since becoming a stay at home mom. Many days it is like 2:00 before I realize I haven’t brushed my teeth. Ew. Sorry Dr. Bollinger.

Three| I could write my name with the inches of dust on most surfaces in my house. I was never very good at dusting before, but now with two kids… just forget it! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Reader Submissions! 

Four| I once tossed pretzels on the floor to occupy my toddler so I could steal some internet time.

Five| After getting groceries, I put my one year old in his car seat, so he could be out of the wind while I put the groceries in the car. To keep him entertained, I gave him my car keys to play with. After shutting the back hatch, I went to get the keys from him, but his door was locked. In fact, all of the doors were locked. He had hit the lock button on my key while he was playing with them. Thankfully my mom came to the rescue with my spare set of keys. I just had to keep him entertained for 30 minutes through the window.

Six| In the hospital, after my daughter was born, I was so sleep deprived because I hadn’t slept in nearly three days, that when they brought her to my room, I only held her for a tiny bit, then put her back in the incubator thingy. I was afraid I’d fall asleep and drop her. And I was afraid they would never bring her back cause I wouldn’t hold her!

Seven|I secretly like taking my children to get groceries. Even when they’re dying of hunger and screaming for more grapes!! I love it!

Eight|I am so scared of what the future holds for my children. Like, will they be able to go anywhere or do anything on their own without having to worry about someone taking them or hurting them? When I was a child, my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to go outside and explore (we lived in city limits) around the block. I can honestly say that I don’t think I could let my children do that (we also live in city limits), which is a really sad thought.


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