Five on Friday | Phone Photos

For today’s five I am sharing five of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken recently but haven’t shared.

Happy Friday!

|One| Nora is all about dressing up and lately she really enjoys wearing my clothes. Here is a very typical ensemble for Miss Nora Kate!


|Two| This was the gal’s first time sitting side-by-side in the shopping cart! The picture is terrible because I was shopping three days before Thanksgiving and the store was packed. I tried not to be annoying and hold the line up, but I had to get a picture!


|Three| This girl really likes the tree. For the first week or so she just stared at it in awe. Then she discovered the fun of pulling the lights, ribbon, and chewing on ornaments. So needless to say the bottom level of our tree ain’t pretty…


|Four| I had a little audience while drying my hair Sunday morning. Cutest onlookers I’ve ever seen.


|Five| I had both girls in my lap so I attempted to get a picture. None of them turned out too good (we are all freshly awake and in jammies with bedhead), but gosh do I love this picture for some reason.


|Bonus| A dad and his gals. I love these three so much I might burst!


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