It’s Beginning to Look a Lot…

… like Christmas!

In true Smith fashion we decked our halls before Thanksgiving! It’s how we like to do things around here!

Our tradition is to have a fancy dinner (this year I think we picked a regular… Creamy Sausage Spinach and Gnocchi soup with Joanna Gaines’ biscuits), listen to Christmas music, decorate the tree + house, and then have our traditional Cherry Christmas Braid.

In past years I have done a much better job of documenting, but our day was pretty wild. So I am in no pictures, we staged the star picture so we could get a cranky Ivy to bed, and the house was trashed in all the pictures. I did however clean it up the next day and take some pretty pictures of the results!

At the very bottom are the year-to-year pictures I started taking! I wanted a little something different for both girls so Nora does the light pose an Ivy gets the ornaments! Can’t wait to add more pictures (and more kids!)







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