Ivy Corinne | Eight Months

Ivy at 8 months

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.31.09 PM

Weight |18lbs
Height |27in
Diapers | Size 3
Clothes | 6-9 month

H (29 of 124)

W H A T ‘S N E W

| Ivy is crawling everywhere! She still scoots fairly often, but she crawls on al fours most of the time!
| Pulling up on everything! She is a pro now at pulling up and attempts it on everything in sight.
| Gives big open mouth kisses when we ask! It is the sweetest thing ever!
| Ivy can go from laying down to sitting up position flawlessly!

LOVES playing with anything that is not a toy. Now that she can crawl so well she is all over the house and into absolutely everything.
LOVES shaking her head back and forth with a big smile on her face.
LOVES playing in the dog’s water bowl. Momma doesn’t love it so much.
LOVES food. She is far more interested in table food than her bottles.

HATES having her face wiped off after eating.
HATES being tired or hungry.

So glad there are more loves than hates!



Ivy officially weaned five days ago and it really couldn’t have gone smoother! It was the perfect timing and was really what was best for both of us. She transitioned to formula with no issues and takes a bottle well. Right now we do table foods, a pouch and then a 4 ounce bottle three times a day, 6 ounce bottles in between.

She is much more interested in table food and purees than her bottles and it can be a struggle to get her to take a full bottle. But she’s chunky as ever and very healthy so she must be just fine!


Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.50.09 PM

Finally Ivy is consistently sleeping through the night! It took her much longer than I would have liked and I am so glad she’s figured it all out! Now I would say she is a great sleeper except she still has not adjusted to daylight savings time (maybe never will), and is waking up far too early now!

Here is Ivy’s typical daily nap/sleep schedule.

|5:30am wakes up, eats and goes back down in her crib until 6:30am.
| Morning nap between 8:30-9am. This nap lasts about an hour and a half.
| Afternoon nap between 12-1pm. This nap is typically two hours!
| Ivy takes a cat nap in the evening so she can make it to bedtime. It’s typically around 5pm and is only 30-45 minutes.
| Bedtime routine is at 7 and she goes down fast!

H (27 of 124)


This past month has been the best so far! You are on the move and so incredibly active. You have become so much happier now that you can move and groove on your own! Your smile lights up a room and you are a major momma’s girl. I don’t mind though cause you are the sweetest! Love you with my whole heart Ivy Corinne.


Look How You’ve Grown

~7Months to 8 Months~


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