Free Bible Study Resources


I love to sit down and just read the Bible when I can, there is no better way to learn more about God, However in some seasons I need more guidance than just the pages of His word to feel focused. There are seasons when I cannot just sit and read without my mind thinking of a million other things, or reading but not truly comprehending.

For those times I love to have a study that gives some structure and thought to my time in the Bible. It is still based on God’s word, but gives you questions to consider, stories, examples, or simply explains what you may not understand on your own.

There are so many of these studies out there, and I have shared some of my favorites on here before {Here & Here & Here} most of these things cost money though. Which is fine, I mean someone went to the work to make them, they deserve to be compensated. But I would hate for money to ever be a reason for someone to not dive in God’s word.

Luckily, I think there are many of the creators of these amazing studies who feel the same way. Because of this there are many completely FREE resources to help you study the Bible as well!

I have gathered up some of my favorites that I use or have used in the past to share with you today! These are all online, apps, and even some printables, so you can access them without leaving your house!

I pray this is helpful to someone reading this who isn’t sure where to start. That you will take a chance on one of these resources and fall more in love with Jesus because of it!

*All resources are linked directly below!

| She Reads Truth | I’ve loved She Reads Truth for a long time. I so admire the two women who founded the company and I love their hearts behind it. They want women to have access to be in God’s word every day. They offer many free studies that you can do on your computer or phone. They are short, sweet, but loaded with Biblical truth. Their app is of the same name and you should also follow them on Instagram because they share some great stuff there too!

|Well- Watered Women| This is another company I have loved for many years. I first began using their Give Me Jesus Journal and from there found that they have so many other amazing resources and studies. They have a great Bible study on 1 Peter (just search 1 Peter on their site), and some other great free resources for studying the Bible. Just click the “Resources” tab on their site and they have some great printables and digital downloads they will e-mail right to you! Another great company to follow on Instagram. Gretchen Saffles, the founder, is so encouraging and knows her Bible!

|Risen Motherhood|This is actually a podcast that I have mentioned here many times. They have expanded so much since I began listening to them and they have some great free Bible study resources on their website. They are a motherhood website but their study resources are for anyone wanting to dig into the Bible more. Once again, another good one to follow on Instagram.

|YouVersion Bible App| If you have the Bible App on your phone, you already have hundreds of free studies in your hand! I have used the Bible App plans many times. They are usually short and sweet and always have scripture at the end. A cool feature they have is you and another person can do the same plan. There is a section to write notes back and forth after the daily reading. Collin and I do this at lunch time, it’s a really sweet way to read the word “together.”

|Daily Grace Co.|This company is a new find of mine and I am still learning about them. They have a free Facebook Bible study as well as a free Bible study guide book (just pay for shipping).

|Jen Wilken Studies|Jen Wilken is an author and Bible teacher who I really admire. She is very passionate about fighting Biblical illiteracy in the church and offers some free Bible studies on her website. We are currently doing the Hebrews study in our small group and so far it’s been really good.


I hope these resources give you some options to start digging into the Bible. I would love to hear if you try any of these out and what you think! Also let me know if you have any other great options to add to this list!

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