No TV Update


So in April of 2017 we made the decision to take the tv out of out house. After we made the decision I wrote about it here.

At the time I wrote the post linked above we had been without a tv in our home for two months and had already loved the change. We were reading more, playing more games, getting more done around the house, and we really didn’t even miss it.

Well it has now been a whole year and a half since we have removed the tv from our lives and I am happy to report we may never bring it back! We do not miss it one bit! I love that it isn’t an ugly monstrosity in my living room. I love how we are forced to do other things instead of watch tv all the time. It makes my heart happy that it is no longer the focal point of our living room, more meaningful family time happens because it is gone.

Full disclaimer, we still have the tv and have gotten it back out three times. Once to watch the Super Bowl, for the first month with Ivy, and a random Saturday where a bunch of good football games we on. We may continue to pull it out from time to time for special reasons, but we truly love what not having it has done for our family.

I don’t share this to say. “look at us we are so brave and noble with our tv-free home.” I simply like to share things that have bettered our lives, maybe you will try it too and find some freedom like we have. Maybe you’ll just read this and think we’re crazy. Either way, we’re happy with no tv and plan to keep it that way!

One thought on “No TV Update

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    I find it SOOOO interesting that you were the only one of our four children who grew up WITH a TV and now you’ve gotten rid of it, while the 3 kids who grew up mostly WITHOUT TV all have one (or two). Not sure what the takeaway is there, but I couldn’t agree more that our years without a TV when we had young kids in the house were so much better without it.

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