These Heavenly Days


I took the above picture the other morning and immediately loved it when looking at it on my camera display. I love both of the the girl’s faces. I mean they were both looking at the camera, neither of them are blurry, and they were even half smiling. That’s a win around these parts!

But I hesitated to post it anywhere because my house is messy, they both have terrible bedhead, I don’t love the jammies Ivy is wearing, the colors clash, and Nora is wearing her Halloween costume.

It just isn’t quite picture perfect.

The “scene” wasn’t quite right.

I kept taking pictures anyway cause I had my camera out, Ivy was intrigued, and therefore giving me some cute smiles.

I put the pictures on my computer a little later on in the day and again loved them but didn’t think I would ever share them since they just weren’t “Instagram worthy.”

Why do I do this? Why do I want each image to be picture perfect, coordinated, edited just right, fabricated? These pictures may mess with the color scheme on my Instagram feed but they perfectly depict what my days are like.

A little messy, a bit blurry, unposed, raw, and cute as all get out. These are the moments I want to truly remember because this is what life really looks like right now. Nora spent three whole days in in that Belle dress. Ivy has stringy hair in the mornings, there are little messes all around, they never both look at the camera and smile.

But this is real life.

This is my life, and I want to remember it for every little messy detail.

These are the days. These are heavenly days, and I never want to forget them.

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