What’s in a Name

I LOVE baby names. Like a lot! I get so excited to find our what people choose to name their little ones. Not only that but I love choosing our children’s names. I am very opinionated and decisive on the subject. So I immensely enjoyed choosing names for our sweet girls.

We get asked fairly often when sharing our girl’s names if they have any special meaning. Many wonder if they are old family names, where we found them, or if they have any meaning to us.

I wish I had some exciting story to tell for both of their names, but I really don’t. I am going to share the very simple way we decided on our gal’s names. Just don’t get your hopes up, the reasons behind their names are less than exciting.

Nonetheless, I want to record this so they can read it one day. Because no matter how we settled on their names, they are special because of who they belong to!

Nora Kate

Nora was our number one girl pick from the first time we ever discussed baby names. Which was long before we were even married! Many people ask us if we named her after Norah Jones (a singer), and while we do really like her music that is not where we got the name. I went back and forth about putting the “h” on the end or not, but Collin very passionately did not like the “h.” So we went with Nora!

I don’t really remember any other middle names we discussed, because I desperately wanted Kate once I thought of it. Collin took a little convincing on that. He liked it, but didn’t love it and thought there had to be a better option. When I told him to find a better one and we could discuss it, he couldn’t! So Kate it was! Now he loves it.

I love the simplicity of her name. It’s classic and super cute! We didn’t have plans to call her Nora Kate, but often times it just all comes out together (not just when she’s in trouble ;). We get lots of compliments on her name and we have only grown to love it more as time passes!

We sure do love our Nora Kate!


Ivy Corinne

Ivy was our back-up option if Nora didn’t work out. At the time we were going to go with either Ivy Kate or Ivy Mae. We really didn’t think too much about it though, because Nora wasn’t a super popular name and we were pretty sure we were safe. When it came time to come up with another girl name in case baby number two was another gal, we both still loved Ivy but toyed around with a few other names too. Ultimately we liked Ivy the best.

Then I thought of Corinne and fell in love. I actually wanted it as a first name, but it’s a little too close to Collin. I decided to try it with Ivy and loved the way it sounded! Once again, Collin wasn’t too sure. He liked it, but didn’t love it. After some thought he said it was the best he could think of so we kept it as our name. (See a theme here? ha!)

Then about two months before Ivy was born we heard a name we fell in love with… Eisley (pronounced Eyes-lee). It was so similar to Ivy and very unique. I didn’t know of any other babies with this name and we just loved it. So we changed our minds for a solid two weeks.

Then we randomly both decided it just wasn’t right for some reason. We couldn’t really put our finger on it, but we knew it wasn’t the name we wanted. We went back to Ivy Corinne and never looked back. Turns out, the unknown “reason” was because unbeknownst to us, Collin’s bosses’ wife (who had a girl a week after we did) named their daughter Eisley! What are the odds?!

I love that Ivy is not super common but somehow feels classic. It’s also simple and just has a sweet sound to it. It pairs well with Nora too which is oddly important to me (some day I might get to share the story of our boy name choices and that statement will make sense). We just think it’s a beautiful name!

Gosh do we love our sweet Ivy Corinne!


Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.38.03 PM

We thought about choosing family names or looking carefully into the meaning of the names we chose. Ultimately, we decided to go with names we loved the sound of and thought our girls would love too. We have never regretted the names we gave our sweet gals. While we didn’t see our gals before picking their names, somehow they just fit them perfectly!

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