Five on Friday |Food & My Gals


These gals have been playing together so much more in just this past week. Maybe it’s because they are really becoming friends, or maybe it’s because Nora realizes that since Ivy can crawl now she can’t escape her! Either way it is adorable to watch and melts my momma heart!




The beginning of the week was cold and rainy so us gals never left the house. Wednesday and Thursday were gorgeous fall days so we ventured out to the park twice! Wednesday we went on a walk in the neighborhood and to our local park. Thursday I was brave and took both gals to the “city” park and Target! Ivy loves to swing and Nora is happy anytime she is outside or around other people. I’m happy when my girls are happy!


One evening this week I had planned on making Brushetta Chicken but forgot to thaw the chicken! I had some smoked sausage in the fridge and some peppers and borccoli so I invented what I’m calling creole alfredo! It was so good I wrote it down and am sharing it on the blog later!



My biggest gal has really been growing up in front of my eyes lately. Being able to do more at the park, her ever expanding vocabulary, and just looking older, it’s really apparent she is getting close to three. One big thing is that she all of a sudden can do puzzles now. I got her this big puzzle at a consignment shop and the first day she was struggling. The next morning she asked to do it and literally did all but three pieces on her own! She was so proud!



After our park excursion we ventured out to Target for a toilet paper and shampoo run. Ivy is sitting up so well now I decided to try her in the cart. Nora saw this huge cart and wanted to sit in it so we gave it a whirl. I was not so great at steering it, and my up-past-her-nap-time-6-month-old was not wanting to be sitting in a cart. I ended up holding Ivy while trying to push that monstrosity! If only you could have seen me. At least I got a cute picture!


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