Momma Confessions VII

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These are my confessions.

One | I cared quite a bit about loosing the baby weight after Nora was born. This time around I really am in no hurry. I just don’t care near as much about body imagine now. Plus I am just too busy loving on my gals to even care.

Two |I have taken too many pictures of poops in the potty to send to daddy that I would like to admit. It’s an odd feeling to be so proud of something like that.

Three | If Nora poops in her underwear or Ivy has a real bad blowout, about 90% of the time I just throw the underwear or outfit away. I just don’t want to mess with all that. Wasteful, but worth it.

Four| I cannot remember anything anymore. My short term memory is seriously lost after having two kids. I steamed some sweet potatoes to make baby food one morning. Found them in the microwave the next afternoon when heating up lunch. I was rinsing out a soap bottle in the bathroom sink one afternoon. I ran to get Ivy up from her nap and never went back to it. I finally heard the sink still running and caught it just as it was beginning to flow down the vanity!

Five | I went and bought Nora some tan, grey, and black undies that were super cheap. I was tired of throwing away the ridiculously expensive princess undies that don’t hide the poop streaks at all. Nora LOVES the ugly underwear…

Six | I saw a picture of a pregnant woman on Instagram the other day. My first thought was, “I wanna be pregnant too.” That was scary and short lived.

Seven | I’m usually really good about getting dishes done. I hate to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, because I hate to wake up with a sink full of dirty dishes! Lately though I have been slacking majorly on the dishes. I cannot motivate myself to do them and then they pile up. I regret it the minute I decide to finally do them. I don’t learn though and the cycle continues later.


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