Nora’s Favorite Books

It’s no secret that we love to read around here, it is truly one of Nora’s favorite things to do. We started reading to Nora when she was little bitty and we haven’t slowed down! Now she is always asking us to read to her. It it not uncommon for us to sit on the couch in the morning and read ten books in a row.

Nora has so many books and because we read so much they really all get read often. We buy most all our books at a local used book store. We go buy a big stack about every other month. I donate books she doesn’t seem too interested in so her collection doesn’t get too out of hand. I love that she has a wide variety of books to choose from. However she definitely has favorites and ones she chooses more often than others.

Today I wanted to share some of her current favorite books and series. I am always looking for great new books, and love to share ones we like as well! Links to the books can be found below!

Happy Reading!


Pig the Pug | This book is really clever and funny. She loves it and there is even a scene she acts out sometimes! It’s a great short and funny read.

Ella Series | These books are so cute and the pictures are great! Really good stories that keep Nora’s attention! There are many in this series. We only have the two pictured, but we hope to buy more later!

Oh My Baby Little One| In all honesty this probably wouldn’t make Nora’s personal list of favorites, but it certainly makes mine! She likes it, but I love it! It is such a sweet little rhyme about how hard it is for a momma to leave her baby when she goes to work. The pictures are darling and I just love it!

Olivia Series | Nora absolutely loves these books. They are so charming and clever, Collin and I love reading them. We have three and actually just ordered two more the other day! These books were made into a tv show and sadly they ruined it in our opinion. But the books get an A+ in our house!

Arthur Series | I used to love these books as a kid so I bought them hoping Nora would love them too. Luckily she does! We have probably about eight Arthur books and they all get read quite a bit around our house!

Madeline | We just recently got this one used. I had a big book of all the Madeline stories as a kid and I remember loving them. I wasn’t sure if she would like it, but it immediately became a favorite. She loves the line that says, “they smiled at the good and frowned at the bad.”

Angelina Ballerina Series | My parents bought six of these books for Nora at a garage sale and the love affair began immediately. I bet we read all six books twice a day for a solid two weeks. I didn’t mind too much though because the stories are cute and the artwork is amazing!

Just One More | This book could not be more simple, but Nora absolutely loves it! It’s one of those that she has memorized and can “read” it to us! It is really cute and great quick read.

Llama Llama Series | These books are pretty popular and I can see why. They are really fun to read aloud and easy for little ones to join in. Nora likes the original Llama Llama Red Pajama best, but the others we’ve read are cute too!

Little Critter Series | These are books I had a lot of growing up and they are always at the used book store. There are so many of them and Nora just loves them. We have about ten of them and she loves them all!


What are some of your favorite children’s books? Comment below, I’d love some new suggestions!

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