Currently | Welcome Fall

cooking | I have been on a roll in the kitchen lately. I have been menu planning so well and saving money grocery shopping! I may share some details on this later, but until then here is a new recipe for Honey Soy Chicken I made recently that was a big hit!
indulging | Give me all the candy corn! It’s one of those things you either love or hate and I am on the love it side! I bought a bag and Collin and I have been munching on it!
hoping | The new habits I’m trying to form stick. I am working on a post all about this. Can’t wait to share!
wearing |So excited to transition into fall clothes. My legs are no longer tan so I need to cover them up with some jeans! Speaking of jeans, any tips on where to get great affordable ones? I haven’t bought new jeans in years and in need of some good ones!
loving | My new nightly routine of drinking Sleepy Time Tea and reading in bed. I may act like an 80 year old woman, but I sleep like a baby!
excited | To jump back into my Bible reading plan after a loooooong break. I’ve kept up with my Bible studies, but have neglected my Bible in a Year plan. I am picking up where I left off and using the plan in the back of my She Reads Truth Bible. It may take me 5 years, but I’m gonna do it!
wanting | all the soups! Soups are my favorite to make and I am so excited soup season is here? Does that make me weird?

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