Chores for Little Ones

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Nora loves to help out around the house lately. She wants to be involved in just about everything mommy and daddy do. I love that about her (even though sometimes it can be annoying), and have milked it for all it’s worth!

Chores and helping around the house are great things for kids to do. It helps make them feel a part of something, fosters community, teaches responsibility, and most little ones think its all fun. It’s not healthy for parents to do everything for their kids. Even toddlers are capable of helping out a little and enjoy it!

We started having Nora do some “chores” that were on her level at a pretty young age. Some of them she has been doing for a while and now she does them without being asked! Below I am listing some of the things we have Nora do around the house regularly and about what age we began them.

Throw away diapers | Almost as soon as Nora could walk I would have her take her diapers and throw them in the trash. She thought it was so much fun, it was good practice for her and helped me out!

Put dirty clothes in the hamper | Same idea as the diapers. Nora was maybe 13 months old and she would take her dirty clothes and put them in her hamper.

Put dirty dishes in the sink | As soon as we moved Nora to a booster seat (around 22 months ) her job became putting her dishes in the sink after dinner. At that age she was easily able to heave her dishes into the sink.

Clean up toys | At around 18 months Nora was able to pick up some of her toys well. Of course she could make bigger messes than she could clean up, but she could help a little. I jumped on this one as soon as I could! I would just have her help with a few things, and increased the amount as she grew. Now she cleans up just about all her own messes. We clean up everything before nap time and before bed.  One of my proudest moments as a mom happened when we had come home really late one night. Nora had just turned two. We had left the house in a hurry and didn’t clean up Nora’s room so it was a mess. We got home slipped her in her jammies and were going to just put her straight to bed. Girlfriend was not having it. She refused to sleep until her room was cleaned up! #momwin

Feed pets | We’ve been slacking on this one lately since we moved our dog’s food to the garage, but shortly after Nora turned two we gave her the chore of feeding the dogs. She needed lots of help at first and then she got to the point where she could do it all on her own. Some days she even reminded us it needed to be done.

Clean up messes | Kids spill and make huge messes, especially when food is involved. If Nora spills a drink she has to help clean up the mess. We also bought a handheld vacuum and her job is to sweep up her crumbs after meals. As I’m sure you can imagine we don’t have to do any convincing to get her to use the vacuum. She thinks it’s pretty neat!

Cooking | This isn’t really a chore but still a way kiddos can help out. Nora always wants to help when anyone is doing anything in the kitchen. Sometimes she can be more in the way than anything, but I try to find things she can do. She sprinkles cheese, dumps in measuring cups, stirs, places things on pans, and anything else she can do easily.


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These are the simple things we do with Nora now. As she grows we will add new chores and expectations. We plan on doing an allowance with her as well at some point, but that’s down the road.

Do you have your little one do chores? If so, what are they?


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