Momma Confessions VI

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These are my confessions.

One | I cut the band off a pair of maternity jeans so I could continue to wear them and not feel guilty. I may regret that next time I’m pregnant.

Two | The other day Ivy was real fussy, but I had things I wanted done. So I put her in the swing and ran our Roomba cause I knew she would watch it and not cry. Happy baby and a clean house! Score!

Three | I put off potty training Nora for months. I honestly think she was ready months ago, but I simply felt sick when thinking about actually doing it. She is rocking it so far, and I’m sorta kicking myself for not staring sooner. Think of all the poopy diapers I could have avoided!

Four| I found a milk sippy cup under the couch the other day. It was a cup I forgot we had. I think the last time I remember Nora using it was in December. I just threw it straight in the trash, cause I had no interest in dying that day.

Five | One day I was changing Ivy’s poopy diaper and Nora was urgently saying over, “I have to pee, I have to pee.” I quickly rushed through changing Ivy and went to help Nora. A couple hours later when I changed Ivy again she had a whole lot of streaks in her diaper. I realized I never actually wiped her. Just switched out diapers. Gross! Sorry Ivy!

Six | Every once in a while (before potty training began) I will be so tired and just ready for bedtime routine to be over that I won’t change Nora’s diaper. I know she needs a fresh one and is going to wake up and have peed through her jammies. I just choose to ignore it and know I will have to clean up the mess tomorrow.

Seven | I counted and I consumed four products with caffeine in them one day. I think I may have had about 700mg of caffeine. I felt great! No regrets!


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