Things I Can Do With One Hand


If you are a momma you most likely have acquired a certain skill that not everyone is blessed with.

Doing things with one hand.

You know those days when your little one just does not want to be put down. At all. Ever. Or maybe you had a baby who was like that all the time. You might have a mischievous toddler you need to keep a very close eye on, or your preschooler is just plain needy too!

No matter what the reason, if you’re a mom you learn pretty quickly how to accomplish a range of tasks using just one hand (and sometimes your teeth or feet have to help you out too).

The other day Ivy was having one of those days. Girlfriend just wanted to be in her momma’s arms, not just in the same room, not uncomfortably near me. In. My. Arms.

Just because she was feeling this way didn’t mean my to-do list vanished. So I just went about doing my tasks with her on my hip. It made me think about all the things I have gotten pretty stinkin’ good at doing with just one hand.

Momma friends, I bet you’re pretty good at these things too.

I can unload and load the dishwasher. Yep, even knives. *gasp*

Cook an entire dinner. I unscrew seasoning lids like a boss with one hand.

Pour milk, water, coffee, wine… okay so I don’t drink wine, but if I did I could pour it into the glass with one hand flawlessly.

Clean up toys, the house, wipe down counters, vacuum. You get the gist.

Hoist a 35 pound gal into her carseat.

Open a bag of fruit snacks. This usually requires some teeth action.

Wipe a snotty nose.

Pull my pants down and go to the bathroom. This is not sanitary and totally TMI (too much information), but I know you’ve done it too. Yes you. Don’t deny it.

I can do Nora’s entire bedtime routine with one hand.

Escort an unruly two year old to and from timeout.

Read a book. Turning pages and all.

Heave a slippery naked toddler out of the bathtub. It ain’t pretty, but I can do it.

Opening the lids to a wide variety of containers is small stuff for me now.

Brush my teeth or someone else’s.

Put shoes on chubby little feet. Nora’s feet not mine.

Push a heavy shopping cart full of unnecessary Target purchases. (An all the mommas said “Amen!”)


Finish this blog post. Yep, Ivy is currently barnacled to my leg as I slowly type…

…with one hand. 😉






2 thoughts on “Things I Can Do With One Hand

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    “Finish this blog post. Yep, Ivy is currently barnacled to my leg as I slowly type…

    …with one hand. 😉”

    LOL! That is hilarious! I may have to use “barnacled” as a verb in a book someday! 🙂


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