Five on Friday | My Gals

These are the top five moments from this week! They all happen to involve my two gals!



Play dates are the best. Nora and her buddy Jameson (I’m secretly arranging their future marriage) have had some great play dates this summer. We are sad that he is going back to daycare when his teacher mom returns to school. I guess we will just have to have him over on the weekends! The favorite toy this week were some flashlights that turned into microphones!



This girl and her imagination. It has really taken off lately and I love seeing it grow! She is always being some character, or making her toys talk. She is so creative. Watching her play has become one of my favorite parts of motherhood!


Miss Ivy belly-laughed for the first time. Is there a better sound on earth? She has giggled many times, but this was different. She was gasping for air she was laughing so hard. Kissing her right under her double-chin gets her every time. I risk my face getting lost in her fat rolls, but the laughs are worth it!

Screenshot 2018-08-09 at 3.52.34 PM


If you haven’t seen the Disney Jr. show Fancy Nancy you need to check it out. We have a few of the books and Nora has always liked them. I love the illustrations and just think the character is so cute. So when Disney came out with the show I had to check it out. Not only did they stay so true to the story and artwork, but the music is great! Nora has only seen two episodes (we don’t have tv remember), but we listen to the song all the time. She is always pretending she is Fancy Nancy so when I found this doll at Target I couldn’t resist. She is in love!



I’m saving the mushy one for last. Nora Kate has been the absolute best big sister lately. She has always been sweet and attentive to Ivy from the day we brought her home, but lately she has really taken an interest in her sister. She will randomly stop what she’s doing and give her a kiss, she gets excited to wake her up from naps, and she beams when Ivy will react or smile at her. I think my favorite story recently was when I was putting Nora’s shoes on to head to town. Ivy was in her jumper while I did this and Nora got so upset. She very passionately said, “we have to take Ivy too, cause she’s MY sister! We can’t leave her here” So of course I took her (but where else was she gonna go? 😉 )


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