Dads Matter


The other night I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, Collin and Nora were playing in her room. I could hear them talking and playing as I washed dishes.

I heard him playing make believe with the family in her dollhouse, have a party with plastic cake from her kitchen. I heard them read a book, I listened as he redirected her and gently disciplined.

Later that evening I watched as he changed Ivy’s diaper, giving her his best baby talk to coax some smiles. He rocked her to sleep, gave her a kiss on the head and set her in her swing.

As I witnessed these tender interactions I couldn’t help but smile, and feel so blessed by the man I not only love myself, but who loves my children. But he doesn’t just love them, he gives them his time.

Dads matter!

Dads are an earthly representation of our Heavenly Father and that role should never be taken lightly. I read this amazing quote the other day that encompasses a small reason why a good father seeking Christ is so important.

“A father’s brokenness can create great barriers in our child’s journey to Jesus. While none of us can lead a perfect life, the man who chooses to closely follow his Heavenly Father, will rarely misrepresent Him to his children.” – Dale Partridge

I started writing this post for Father’s Day but didn’t get it finished in time. I thought about not posting it at all, but dads deserve recognition all the time! Not just on Father’s Day.

Ladies, here is my challenge to you!

If you’re dating, think about the man you’re with. Will he make a good example to your future children? Will he show them Christ’s love to the best of his human ability? If not, you may want to reconsider.

Dads matter!

If you are already married and your husband does not fit this description, pray for him! Pray that God will change his heart, and he will become this kind of father for your kids.

Dad’s matter!

If you are blessed to be married to an amazing man who already is all these things to your children. Thank them! Let them know how appreciated, loved, and important they truly are!

Dads matter!


Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge. ”  Proverbs 14:26

One thought on “Dads Matter

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    I truly think the absence of a loving father in so many kids’ lives is a HUGE part of the problems our world is experiencing today. YOU were blessed with an amazing dad, and it’s so wonderful to see Collin being the same to your daughters.


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