Girl Momma


I always thought I would be a momma. At least it was always something I really wanted.

I also always thought I would be a momma to all boys. Maybe it was because my sister, the mom I most closely observed, had all boys. Maybe it was just because that was all I could really picture. I was positive that Nora was a boy, like I just knew it. I was pretty sure Ivy was a boy too, less sure, but pretty sure.

For a time I actually decided I didn’t want to have girls. That boys would be easier and more fun.

God’s funny that way.

Look at me now. A full-on girl mom! There wasn’t ever a single moment of disappointment when my gals popped out, and I saw they were lacking a certain “something.” There was lots of surprise but never disappointment.

Now I can’t picture life any other way. I love being the momma to two sweet gals. There are so many hugs and kisses, and also lots of emotions. The color pink practically glows from our house. After a bath our bathroom turns into a full service salon, complete with sprays, combs, clips, and bands. We step on tiny princesses instead of legos, and they hurt just as bad. We say the word “tutu” far more often than I expected, and there are feathers from pink boas tucked all over our house. Playing baby dolls is a daily occurrence that involves a lot of changing outfits and cuddling. Ruffly onsies and frilly dresses are overflowing from the hampers. It’s all just so girly around here.

God knew just how much I would love being the momma to little girls. He placed me right where he wanted me. I find more and more each day that in every little thing, this is what he has made me for and called me to. Loving on my sweet gals is my favorite pastime.

God may bless us with a little boy someday and I know I will find immense joy in that as well, but for now I am thrilled to be a girl momma.



2 thoughts on “Girl Momma

  1. susansnodgrass says:

    You are a wonderful momma. And who knows? God may give you a boy yet! My own name said boys were harder than girls. I only had one girl but she was super easy with everything.


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