Photo Editing on iphone

picture-editsI take a lot of pictures.

Like a lot.

I have such cute subjects though, so why not?

I am also admittedly a little bit of a photo-snob. I will not post a picture unless it meets my standards. I like pictures to be bright, sharp, and clean. I do have a nice fancy camera that I use for some pictures, but most of the time I just use my iphone. It’s much more convenient than getting my big camera out, and it takes pretty good pictures! I currently have the iphone8 and that is what I use for most every photo I take.

I see so many people post pictures that are really cute but are super dark. I want to reach out to that person and tell them how easy it is to edit photos on your phone to look 10x better! It takes a little bit more time, but not much at all. Plus, you end up with higher quality pictures when you’re done.

Today I am going to give you a few tips on how to quickly and easily edit photos on your phone!

I edit all my photos in the FREE app Lightroom. It has tons of complicated settings, but I use a few simple tools to take my pictures to the next level!

Here is a quick tutorial on my editing process!

Here is the picture I started with.


It’s not too bad because it was taken outside with lots of sunlight. But, I knew I could make it even better with a few simple steps in Lightroom!


Under the “Light” tab I upped the exposure to brighten the photo, I also upped the contrast and then highlights slightly. Then under the “Color” tab I always up the  vibrance.

I have no fancy technique, I just play with it a little until I like the way it looks.

Here are the images side by side, so you can really see the difference made.

The original picture was not bad, but next to the newer and brighter edited image, it looks pretty dull. And it really was as simple as moving those little dials back and forth until I liked what I saw!

I understand that to some this isn’t a priority. I just wonder how many people don’t know how simple it truly is to make your photos look worlds better!

Try it out and let me know if you have any questions!

2 thoughts on “Photo Editing on iphone

  1. Brenda Allen says:

    Tavia, thanks for this info. Remember when I asked you about your pics and how great they are, now maybe I can improve on mine. I love tutorials!


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