Nora Speaks | Vol. II

Nora is hilarious right now. Seriously, she has Collin and me in stitches daily. I never want to forget some of the things she has said. This stage is just so much fun, and if I don’t write this all down I know I will forget!

Screenshot 2018-07-16 at 4.02.05 PM

| At church one morning the lesson was teaching the kids about how Jesus lives in their heart. A teacher asked Nora, “Does Jesus live in your heart?” Nora’s reply. “No. He lives in my belly.”

|She has become obsessed with knowing what every single person’s name is. Now when I take her grocery shopping, each and every person we pass by she asks me what their name is.

|We are quickly learning that we have to watch what we say around her. Neither of us cuss, however we do use phrases we maybe don’t want our two year old to say. One day at dinner, after I dropped something and muttered, “oh crap” Nora much too enthusiastically delcares, “OH CWAP!”

|Right now in our house Nora does not call any of us by our names. We are all characters from Frozen. She NEVER breaks character once she starts and will remind us to call her Elsa when we slip up and call her Nora. Our new names are as follows:

Nora: Elsa
Tavia: Ana
Collin: Kristoff
Ivy: Olaf (who Nora calls Summer)
Rigby: Sven
Kira: Scary Snow Monster

|Speaking of our new names. The other night we ran into a couple from church we had just recently met. The wife asked Nora what her name was. Nora started to say Nora and quickly and confidently changed it to “Elsa!”

| Nora has had many new opportunities to play with other kids lately. VBS, church, play dates, and other activities. Sometimes she can get a little too aggressive with her love. She likes to hug, hold hands, kiss, and basically smother any new kid she meets. After forcefully trying to hold a little girl’s hand at VBS (and making said little girl very upset) I had a talk with her later that night. I taught her that she should always ask before doing things like that. If the person says yes then she can go ahead. But, if they say no she should just say “shucks” and leave it alone. Well that sort of backfired when I quickly learned that when Nora says shucks it sounds exactly like she’s saying “sex.” Oops. Needless to say I then taught her the word phewy.

| Collin started a new bedtime ritual where he tells Nora a Bible story before she goes to bed. So now of course we both have to do it each night. She will always cutely suggest, “Hey, lets talk about Deesus in my bed!”


I know there are more and I will write them as I remember them. This is going to have to become a series around here cause this girl just keeps it comin’.


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